How to configure wifi router Upvel UR 325bn

By | 10.12.2018

How to set wifi router Upvel UR 325bn

In any home there are a large number of different devices that can work with Internet connection: tablets, laptops, smartphones and desktop computers. For distribution network access using special devices – routers (routers). There are a large number of varieties. One of the most reliable — Upvel ur 325bn.

The device stands out for its functionality, as well as many different additional options. Upvel ur 325bn has a large enough coverage, but also extremely easy to set up. It supports many connection types: PPPo, L2TP, PPTP. Interface for input of parameters very simple and user friendly. To create the connection does not require special skills.

Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

The entrance to the interface

To begin to the device that you want to go to a special web interface.

With it, you can perform all necessary actions:

  • connected device to working personal computer;
  • turn on the router (at the back of the case there is a special «Power»button);
  • open any Internet browser;
  • in the address bar enter;
  • a window will open where you will see two boxes – «User» and «Password»;
  • by default, both fields are required to enter the word «admin».

Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

After performing all the above steps, click on «OK» or press «Enter». Opens the interface where input is possible is necessary for the settings of the Internet connection. Also there are various other options.

Custom Internet connection

The process of preparation to work with a global network of anything complex is not. However, when connecting to different providers you want to use different settings. For example, Beeline and Rostelecom they are very different – because it uses a different kind of connection.


To learn how to configure the router UpvelUr 325 Bn for PPPoE connection, you should visit the official website of the service provider and offered to read to him the instructions. Today with a compound similar kind of work the operator «Rostelecom».

To connect to the Internet using the device in question, it is necessary through web-based interface to perform certain actions:

  • enter in the appropriate fields of the «admin» (or other «login» and «password»);
  • open the tab called «setup WAN interface»;
  • in the «WAN connection Type» select «PPPoE»;
  • enter the user name and password for a specific account – these data are indicated in the enclosed customer agreement.
  • select «connection Type» — «permanent» (or another value selected by the user);
  • in section MTUуказываем value 1452;
  • type of DNS to determine automatically;
  • in the last turn at the bottom of the web page you want to put a checkmark in the following entries:
    • allow uPNP;
    • enable IGMP proxy;
    • allow Respo VPN connection;
    • to allow PPTP VPN connection;
    • allow L2TPпо VPN connection;
    • click on «save changes» (or «save» — if you are using the English version of the firmware).

Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

It is very important after all work through web-interface is completed, restart the device. It is advisable to do it with a dedicated button located in the options window is «restart» («Restart»).


Also, quite often the operators connect their subscribers to the global network via the L2TP. One of such providers is Beeline.

To work through this operator with Theur 325bn is required to perform the actions:

  • included in the web interface (enter the admin username and password);
  • in the «WAN connection type», select L2TP;
  • type DHCP dynamic IP (DHCP) – in this case, all three fields below will be filled in automatically;
  • the following sections must be left blank:
    • o IP address;
    • o login;
    • o Password;
  • the connection type is «permanent»;
  • type of DNS «define DNSавтоматически»;
  • you should put a checkmark in the following sections:
    • o enable uPNP;
    • o enable IGMP proxy;
    • o allow Respo VPN connection;
    • o allow Rrtro VPN connection.

Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

When all the above steps done, click on «restart» («Restart»). Only after a restart, all input parameters will take effect. If necessary, you can use the reset button located directly to the rear of the chassis of the router.


Least likely to work with a global network used PPTP mode. However, ask him the basic performance parameters can be quite simple.

For working with data connection type, you must perform certain actions:

  • go to the web interface of the device;
  • open «settings»;
  • go to the «WAN Interface»;
  • choose the special drop-down list, PPTP;
  • indicates the type of DHCP suitable window – dynamic IP (address and mask will be assigned in this case automatically);

    Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

  • specify the user name and password in the appropriate boxes – this information must be present in the text of the contract concluded on the provision of telecommunication services (issued by the provider or otherwise);
  • connection type – you can select the most suitable in a particular case (the best option is «constant»).

After entering all the required data values and restarts the router. Immediately after this, you can use the Internet. Or if necessary to change other parameters.

Video: Upvel UR-325BN — установкаWi-Fi

Installed Wi-Fi

To create a WiFi network and any device through the router can access the Internet, you need to do the following:

  • open with Internet Explorer, the web interface (type in the address bar value);
  • specify the appropriate username and password that allows you to work with the program the router (default is «admin»);
  • open the section «Wi-Fiсеть»;
  • go to the section «basic settings»;
  • field range — 2.4 GHz (B+G+N);
  • SSID name of the access point (the wireless network), which will see the connecting device;
  • «channel width» to 20 MHz;
  • «channel number» — 9;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

  • the encryption — WPA-Mixed;
  • «authentication» — private (Pre-SharedKey);
  • «WPA cipher Suite» — put a checkmark in both points (TKIP, AES);
  • «the cipher Suite WPA2» — put a checkmark in both points (TKIP, AES);
  • «Pre-SharedKey» — put the value of «password» (this will allow you to choose the most convenient format of the key to operate different devices with Wi-Fi access point);
  • «Pre-SharedKey» — specifies the key that is used to connect to the router.

If all above steps completed successfully, you can safely click on «save changes». After that, it is advisable to restart the device by using the button in the special section.

Reset the router

Sometimes there are situations when for some reason we consider the router simply stops working. Sometimes the way out of this situation is to reset all settings to factory settings.

To perform this operation in two ways:

  • mechanical;
  • software.

The mechanical reset is as follows:

  • turn on the apparatus;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

  • take a long slender object (an awl or something similar);
  • turn the router to his short side;
  • find a small recess in the housing with a button inside – click on it and held in that position for 10 seconds in a row.

If the user did everything right, the settings of the router will be reset to factory settings.

A software method reset almost as simple, it is as follows:

  • go with any browser in the web interface;
  • opens a section called «tools»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

  • click on «save/load settings»;
  • click the mouse or arrow keys on the keyboard to select «restore settings».

When all the above steps are finished, you must restart.

Change the password to login

It happens that there is a need to protect the router from devices that use it via Wi-Fi. To do this, just change the password to access the web interface.

This requires:

  • to log in to the router interface;
  • to open a section called «tools»;
  • select «set password»;
  • fill empty lines with the necessary symbols («user name» «new password» «confirm password»);
  • click on the button «save changes».

Как настроить wifi роутер Upvel UR 325bn

All the above, enough so that strangers are unable in any way to change the settings of the router. The more complex the character set, the better protected access point.

Upvel ur 325bn is a multifunctional device which allows you to provide access to the Internet from almost any device with wifi module. It is easy to use and adjust, because it enjoys great popularity among ordinary users. Works well with any Internet service providers.

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