How to configure WIFI router Netgear WNR612

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure WIFI router Netgear WNR612

Routers for convenient access to the Internet for multiple devices in the recent widespread. Often the hardware specifications limited by the WAN port, 4 LAN ports and Wi-fi. Wired ports are usually limited to a speed of 100 Mbps, but may be Gigabit.

The functionality of the router quite traditional: connect through web browser, support for Internet access using NAT, support a variety of connectivity options, firewall and more.

Due to the significant improvement of the hardware of the routers, their performance increases with a decrease in cost. The lion’s share of devices in the lower price range, a worthy representative of which is the model of Netgear WNR612.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

Kit & appearance

The router comes in a compact box made of cardboard, painted in colors of the brand, namely orange, green and white. In connection with localization of the router, all the inscriptions in the Russian language only. In addition to the traditional specifications and images is available detailed description of function and connection diagram.

Package includes router, power supply 7.5 V, network cable, stand for vertical placement, quick start guide and warranty card.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

Since the model is quite fresh, on the manufacturer’s website of information about it almost none. A detailed guide for this device can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website in English. The warranty period of the router is 24 months, which is extremely rare in the market of electronic devices.

The presence in the product of rounded body corners and the use of white plastic to cause a certain Association with the American devices of Apple brand. Although the manufacturer Netgear has developed and implemented such a design is very impressive. Significantly increases consumer properties of the matte finish of the case material.

An important advantage of the router WNR612 from many of its competitors is considered to be its small size (140х95х30мм). This is primarily due to a decrease in the number of wired ports from 4 to 2. Taking into account that the percentage of classic workstations is reduced, such a solution is justified and reasonable.

On the rear panel of the router are located:

  1. 2 LAN port;
  2. the WAN port;
  3. input for power supply;
  4. reset button.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

In connection with the use of wireless antennas in this router model, there are no connectors for external antennas.

Indicators of the router located on the front side, namely:

  • a status indicator;
  • the wireless communication indicator;
  • the indicator of the Internet;
  • indicators LAN1 and LAN2.

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

Active ventilation of the model is where there are holes on the sides of the upper and lower panels. Passive ventilation for this model is sufficient, as in the process, it is heated not essential. For sustainability in the router answer 4 rubber legs.

If you want the router to be positioned vertically. Fastening for the location of the router on the wall there. The lower surface of the device is covered with the description of connections and other useful information.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

Connecting the router

Connecting Netgear router WNR612 may seem complicated at first glance.

We describe this process in detail:

  1. remove the device from its packaging and install in the right place;
  2. plug the power adapter into connector on the back of the router, and the other end into the 220V outlet;
  3. network cable Internet service provider connect to the port on the router labeled «Internet»;
  4. the network cable that comes with the router, you have one side to add to any LAN port and the other into the network card of the workstation.

After connecting the router it is important to have a clear idea how to configure router Netgear WNR612. To set it up initially, you need to log in to the interface of the router.

Video: adjusting Wi Fi router


For the configuration and maintenance of router no need of specialized programs. All administration of the router are via a web browser.

To enter the device interface should be implemented by the following steps:

  1. to start installed on your computer by a web browser.

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

  2. in address bar enter ip address of device by default ( or a line;
  3. confirm by pressing «Enter»;
  4. when prompted with a user name and password should drive the required data. Usually the username — admin and password — password.
  5. to complete the process of logging in the router with the button «OK».

Configure Internet protocols

Depending on your service provider connection and its settings, you need the best possible connection.


PPTP is the most common type of VPN connection.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

To configure this option, you will need:

  1. to the starting question to answer in the affirmative;
  2. to choose a list «PPTP»;
  3. to specify a user name and password;
  4. specify the name of the VPN server;
  5. enter the secondary parameters provided in the active window;
  6. choose one of the two possible connection options: static or dynamic.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

To configure connections of this type should:

  • select the appropriate connection type;
  • to enter a user name and password (take in the agreement);
  • in the «connection Mode» choose «Always enabled»;
  • in the next field to enter the data from the contract;
  • IP address of the DNS server — select the first option;
  • The MAC address of the router to choose the first option;
  • the remaining options can be left unchanged.


To configure this cosoba connection required:

  • to the starting question to answer in the affirmative;
  • to choose a list of «PPPoE»;

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

  • to specify a user name and password;
  • in the field «IP address» – choose the first option.

A static IP address

The last mode is the fixed parameters, which are usually indicated in provider documentation.

To configure this mode you need:

  • the first question to answer in the negative;
  • to specify the option «Use static IP address» in the field «IP address»;

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

  • enter parameters provided by your ISP;
  • in the address of the DNS server to specify «Use these DNS servers» and score the IP addresses of the primary and secondary DNS.


The sequence of steps to configure security on a wireless network as follows:

  1. go to «wireless Settings»;
  2. set your own network name, which will be available wi-fi devices. In region, you must enter «Russia». Wireless channel number should not be changed (auto mode);

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

  3. to set the connection mode (maximum mode) and security options (most modern);
  4. enter the password phrase that will be used to connect all wireless wi-fi-enabled devices to the device;
  5. after entering the passphrase click «Apply» and connect wireless devices, workstations to the router using the created security key.

How to set IPTV

For the IPTV settings you need to go to the browser tab Settings»Internet port». In the case of TV viewing on a workstation or laptop, you must uncheck «Disable IGMP proxy». For use to view TV set-top box STB should choose any local port LAN1 or LAN2. After setting the required parameters, you must confirm the choice by pressing the «Apply»button.

Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

The firmware of the router

Often the situation arises when you want to update the firmware of the router. Despite the fact that this is very important, if you follow the instructions below – it is possible to independently upgrade the firmware.

The sequence of actions when changing the firmware on NetGear WNR612:

  1. download and save the program tftp.exe on the hard disk;
  2. connect the router to the LAN1 port;
  3. in network settings on a workstation set the IP address to, subnet Mask is;
  4. keep pre-downloaded the latest official firmware for the router from the manufacturer’s website in the directory «C:netgear»;

    Как настроить WIFI роутер Netgear WNR612

  5. start a command prompt and run command «ping –t» without closing the window;
  6. go into recovery mode. To do this you must turn off the router: hold down the reset (reset), hold down to turn on the router. The reset button don’t release and monitor the ping which should soon appear. The sign of a successful transition into recovery mode is the blinking led, an indicator of nutritional status;
  7. start another console and enter the command «C:tftp-i put C:netgear»;
  8. you need to wait for the ping.

The flashing the router is successfully completed.

The audit of the functioning of the router Netgear WNR612 can safely recommend this device for the organization of high-speed connections to the Internet, where the availability of Gigabit ports is superfluous, as the maximum speed of the Wi-Fi connection.

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