How to configure wifi router Huawei WS329

By | 10.12.2018

How to set wifi router Huawei WS329

For quality installation and configuration of Wi-fi router Huawei WS329 do not have to use the services of the master. When running certain rules, you can implement a setting that will take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

Wi-fi router from Huawei WS329 is among the most popular and high-quality routers in the Internet today.

The technical features of the router of this model include:

  • type Wi-fi connection – 802ю11b/g/n;
  • data transfer rate up to 300 MB/s;
  • the number of internal antennas: 2;and
  • available connectors – 4 x RJ-45 (LAN), 1 xRJ-45 (WAN);
  • dimensions – 126,5 mm/180mm/32mm.

Router wifi Huawei WS329 is a very practical model with a stylish, modern design. This model is designed for 24-hour operation and provides round the clock high speed Internet access.

Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

The Wi-fi device Huawei WS329 has a very stylish and elegant design, the smooth, polished outer cover of black color, dual external antennas. The set also comes with a cable for connection to a personal computer Ethernet, AC adapter, warranty card and user manual.

Connected to PC

The first thing you need to do when configuring the router Huawei WS329 Beeline is:

  • connect the Ethernet cable the device to your PC;
  • to check up correctness of connection;
  • make sure that the cable is connected correctly and recognized by the computer;
  • to make a diagnosis of the device.

In addition, not superfluous will be to check the device for viruses, scan with it installed on the computer the program antivirus.

Input into the settings

After connecting the device, you must enter the settings to make changes.

To open the settings window you will need:

  • enter in a line of the Internet browser the default IP address of the router, which is;
  • when login request to enter login and the password at the default settings the device is provided as the following: username – admin, password – admin(these settings can be found on the box of the router);
  • later you can change these values at your own discretion.

Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

A distinctive feature of the router Wi-fi Huawei WS329 is the fact that all settings are gathered in one window, rather than scattered across the tabs as in previous versions of the device. The parameters have the structure of individual groups, which is very convenient in setup.

Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

If you have previously been changed or you have changed the settings for login and I can’t remember them, you must return the device settings to the default.

For this you need to hold down the «reset» button in for 5 seconds, which is located near the power cord.

During the initial login, you will be greeted by quick configuration wizard, which will help deal with the rapid selection of the most optimal settings for the router.

Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

If you wish to understand yourself in your router settings, you can not use the automatic configuration wizard. For this you need to select a second group main menu «Internet options».

Connection Beeline L2TP

As a rule, at the completion of the configuration wizard shows all the settings yourself, but often you may need manually tuning. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to configure router Huawei WS329.

Connect via L2TP Beeline – the procedure is not simple and will require strength and patience. When you configure the router, you will need to create two connections – DynamicIP and a VPN connection.

The first link is standard and necessary for the domestic operator’s network.

For the second you need:

  • go to the tab menu VPN;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • check the box next to «Enable L2TP LAC»;
  • in the «LNS-address» you should enter the name of the server Beeline

In the line below with the value «PPP username» and «PPP Password», enter your chosen values for authorization. Make sure the «connection Mode» set to «auto». Don’t forget to maintain the prescribed configuration.

Configuring PPPoE

To set up PPPoE you need to make the following:

  • go to the main settings menu of the device;
  • select «Internet options»;
  • in the window that appears, tick the box «Include a link», «service Type — Internet»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • choose from the list of connection types «IP routing PPP».
  • other values accept the default.

After you set all settings for the specified user, you can only enter values in fields «username» and «password» that were provided by the operator when drawing up the contract. In the remainder of the field «service Name PPP» enter the value «internet».

Dynamic IP address

You can also choose the method of configuring the router as Dynamic IP or a Dynamic IP address.

For this purpose, you need to:

  • to open the router settings in the tab «Internet settings»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • tick «Enable connection»;
  • choose the type «INTERNET» type of service «Routing IP», type addressing, DHCP.
  • don’t forget to save the changed settings.

How to configure Wi Fi router Huawei WS329

In fact, configuring Wi Fi router Huawei WS329 not so difficult as you might think. The router has a very friendly interface configuration.

For wireless setup Wi Fi on the router you should:

  • to open the configuration menu of the router;
  • go to the section called «WLANSetting»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • to enable the configuration «Enable WLAN 2.4 GHz»;
  • to enable the configuration «Enable SSID» and specify the name of the network in the «SSID»;
  • choose security mode «WPA2-PSK», encryption type is AES;
  • specify the password of the wifi network in the «WPApre-shared key» (a sequence of at least 8 characters);
  • to save these configuration changes.

The second item is a manual configuration. After login in a few minutes will be connected and the window «Wi-fi Settings» will open automatically.

Digital TV

Wi Fi router Huawei WS329 can be an excellent option for high-speed Internet connection at home, as well as the quality of digital television.

To configure IPTVon the router, you should:

  • go to the «IPTV Service»;
  • to check the value of «Enable IPTV»;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • choose from the list of ports Lan Interface port to which you will connect your TV4
  • to set up the connection type «Bridge Mode»;
  • set the value «4» in the field «802.1 P»;
  • save the settings.

Change the user name and password

If you wish, you can change the default password and administrator login on any any combination. This option is available in the last section of the setup menu the configuration of the router, namely the «Service».

To change the data administrator you need to log in to the control panel and the settings of the router using the default password and login.

Next you need to do the following:

  • under «Service» select «administrator Settings»;
  • enter in the field «New password» and «Confirm password» your new password;
  • enter a new value in the field «Login»;
  • to save these settings.

It is worth considering that the values of the username and password of the administrator need to do complicated characters or digits in order to obtain strong protection from hacking. Login and password can not contain less than eight characters and should include lowercase letters and at least one digit.

Video: Huawei WS329


Popular router model Huawei WS329 has a wide range of functionality. The standard device has an English firmware V100R001C199B01, which has the support of IPTV.

Additional IOS device can help to eliminate some malfunctions and errors in the work, and to expand the capabilities of the device.

In order to change the standard firmware of the router, you will need:

  • to download the updated firmware for the device on the manufacturer’s website;
  • to connect the device to power supply and to the computer;
  • to enter the settings panel of the router;
  • open the tab system settings «maintenance»;
  • select «software Update»;
  • choose as the file for the firmware downloaded firmware version;

    Как настроить wifi роутер Huawei WS329

  • click the «Update» button and wait for the updates;
  • to check the settings, plug a cable provider.

Wi-fi router Huawei WS329 is comfortable and functional router, which allows you to hold the Internet at home or in the office. This device is the most popular router to setup high speed home network at home.

As a rule, installation of devices of the specified type does not require much effort and is a fairly quick process, taking into account certain rules.

If you wish not to spend time calling a technician and how to setup the router Huawei WS329 Beeline personally, using the user guide and the advice of experts.

You can set the default settings of the device configuration, you can put additional security or to change their login details, providing a greater degree of security devices from hacking and also to install additional auxiliary accessories and antennas to increase Wi-fi coverage.

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