How to configure wifi and router mode on the modem ByFly M-200A

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How to configure Wi-Fi and router mode on the modem ByFly M-200A

Using the steps described below, you can easily configure the router Provider modem Promsvyaz M-200 A.

Connect the modem to the PC

Before configuring modem M-200A, need to:

  1. to turn on the computer;
  2. check on it network equipment;
  3. if you need to update the drivers for the network adapters;
  4. now you need to connect to the router Promsvyaz the power cable, connect it to the grid;
  5. to any port modem insert the twisted pair cable, which is more a phone and has a thick connector and its second end connect to a computer network port;
  6. telephone cable insert the connector of the router (LINE) and plug in MODEM. And its connector LINE – in phone Jack. The phone itself connect to the PHONE connector of the splitter.

Click on the router button located on the right side on the rear of the chassis, near the antenna. Make sure all light bulbs as pictured, burning or blinking green.

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

If the computer does not see the modem, it is likely that it the old system or viruses. Reinstall Windows or update the anti-virus.

Modem M-200A is configured by default in bridge mode, that is, it connects the computer and the Internet provider. But every time you exit Internet need to connect via a special shortcut. It brings some inconvenience, it is better to configure the modem to the router.Then the computer and other devices will receive Internet from with M-200A.

The entrance to the interface

To start configuring the router Provider Promsvyaz, you need to start to go into its interface:

  1. open any web browser (Chrome, FireFox, Opera, IE, etc.);
  2. enter in the address bar or http: – ATOR address modem M-200A.;
  3. press the ENTER key. If nothing happens, try again in another browser. If the router is not new, it is better to reset it to factory by pressing a thin object (paper clip, needle) recessed in the hull button. You need to wait until the router lights go out, and then release the button. Now the settings have been reset;

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

  4. in the opened window, in the field username and password to enter admin;

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

  5. if everything is correct, will open the interface window Promsvyaz to set up Internet Provider.

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

Router configuration for this Provider

At the top of the page you will see a menu of the modem and the settings are divided into blocks. To configure this Provider on a router in the opened page, select the Interface Setup tab and subtab of the Internet.

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

Install all parametry:

  • вVirtual Circut select PVC0;
  • Status should stand Activated;
  • to write VPI 0;
  • VCI 33;
  • ATM QoS – UBR;
  • click on the button next to PPPoE/Rraa, then open advanced settings;
  • in Username, enter your agreement number and with no gap. Below is the password specified in the contract;
  • Bridge Interface Is Activated;
  • Connection – Always On – not to break the connection never;
  • Get IP Address – Default;
  • Nat – Enabled;
  • Defoult Route – Yes.
  • Dynamic Route RIP2-B or RIP2-M;
  • Multicast – IGMP v2;
  • Direction – Both;
  • click SAVE.

Video: setting up a router Provider the modem M 200A

The device in the «router»

The router is designed to control other devices in the network. He’s handing out IP addresses, because go online can multiple devices with a single connection. Click on the tab in the tab Lan Interface Setup to check the DHCP settings. Generally, it is configured automatically in 90% of cases, therefore it is better to recheck. What DHCP assigns IP addresses in the network, and DNS converts the domain name to clear browser. Because for modem setup. M-200A in router mode, compare the data tab in that figure.

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

Main IP Address should be, Sabnet Mask – Enable DHCP (click Enabled).

Check the DNS Server with Your server Provider’s place of residence:

  • Minsk:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Minsk region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Brest and Brest region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Vitebsk and Vitebsk region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Gomel and Gomel region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Grodno and Grodno region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;
  • Mogilev and Mogilev region:;
  • alternate DNS server:;

Click SAVE. Automatic distribution of IP addresses is enabled. Restart your modem for these settings to take effect.

The Internet now connects automatically when I turn on the computer. When properly configured on the modem lights up another lamp near inscription the Internet. The connection is ready. You can check this by going to any browser, or press the key combination Win+r and type in the string ping –t, and then press ENTER.

Should appear these inscriptions:

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

Wireless network Wi-Fi

For distribution to the Wifi network via a router Promsvyaz should:

  1. click on the Wireless tab in Interface Setup;
  2. the Acces Paint and PerSSID select Switch Activated;
  3. put in Wireless Mode 802.11 b+g+n;
  4. if you want to limit the number of connections to the network Station Number specify the desired number (0 to 16);
  5. you need to put a password on the network so someone else was able to connect to it without Your knowledge;
  6. to do this, select the Broadcast Ssid –Yes.
  7. in the Ssid write the original name of the Wifi network you are going to distribute via a router, and Pre-Shared Key – strong password at least eight characters. It is better to use the item Authentication type encryption type WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK;
  8. in Encryption choose TKIP/AES.
  9. activating Wireless MAC Adress Filter, and adding to the list of allowed addresses, you can disable encryption within the network. Wi-Fi will then be available only to devices whose addresses have been registered.
  10. click SAVE. Can compare your filling with the example in the picture.

Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

To check the operation of the Wifi, disconnect the network cable from the computer to connect to the created wireless network and enter the password invented earlier by pressing the check mark to connect automatically. The Internet should work. If a page is not loaded, check the network card drivers or the settings of the router.


Modem Promsvyaz M-200A is also used as the switch, if to connect it through a cable multiple computers. In between, you can configure shared access to files by creating a local network. You can also configure the ports for uTorrents to download different movies, audio, and documents over the network.

In the Advanced Setup you need to:

  1. disable Firewall and SPI;

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

  2. going to the subtab and selecting the NAT Virtual Server, you need to set the ports for the torrent;

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

    The figure shows the correct filling of fields in Virtual Server, but at the Start and End Port Number to specify your needs, as well as in the field Local IP Address enter the IP of your computer.

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

  3. click SAVE;
  4. now go to the program in uTorrents settings in the connection tab, set the Start Port as the modem.

    Как настроить wifi и режим роутера ByFly на модеме M-200A

    If the icon is green uTorrents settings done correctly and the data transfer is active. Can try to download something.

Setup ByFly Internet

If You have completed all the above items, the Internet Provider via modem Promsvyaz configured.

You can go online at the same time from multiple computers and to share Wifi. If you connect the telephone cable directly to the computer’s network adapter or modem, M-200A, but not required, Internet access will also be available. But you need to connect to ByFly for Your Windows.

For the Windows 7 operating system Internet configured as follows:

  • open the start menu;
  • in this click on control Panel;
  • next select Network and Internet;
  • it — the control Center network and sharing;
  • select the configure a new connection;
  • and Internet Connection;
  • select high speed;
  • enter the user name and password specified in the contract with Beltelecom. User name – number of the contract +;
  • check mark Remember this password;
  • the connection name can write any;
  • and choose Connect.

Go back to the control Center network and sharing and in the left corner of the window click Change adapter settings. On the created connection click the right mouse button and from the opened window, click Create shortcut. The desktop icon will appear, through which you can connect to the Internet when necessary. Now You know all the ways of the Internet connection Provider and modem settings Promsvyaz M-200A.

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