How to configure the router Upvel UR 344an4g

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure a router of Upvel UR 344an4g

UR-344AN4G – budget model of router from The company. It will help to establish a single home network for many of your devices – computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet by providing joint access to the Internet.

This router is ideal for small spaces and is perfect for home use, when not required to have a large bandwidth.

Kit & appearance

This model is made of white plastic with the logo on the top panel. Well suited for installation on a horizontal surface and provided with grooves for fixing on the wall in two positions. There are the indicators reflecting the operation of the router and the switch button Wi-Fi, allowing, if necessary, disable the wireless connection.

The antenna is located behind and attached to the body, after installation it is necessary to give the desired position. Completely stop the operation of the device, you can use a separate power button located on the rear panel of the router. At the bottom is the reset button help to return to the default settings.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

The kit includes:

  • splitter;
  • utility for quick setup;
  • power adapter;
  • cable for connection of a telephone line;
  • user manual;
  • guarantee.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

Connecting the router

Device connectivity should not cause problems even for the new users facing this procedure:

  • take out of the box router, power cord, and power supply;
  • plug the network cable to one of the LAN ports of the router and network card of computer;
  • connect the device to the mains by inserting the plug of the power supply connector «Power», and the adapter in the socket;
  • activate the power button on the rear panel, then should blink the LEDs.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g


Having finished the physical part of the connection process, go to software component:

  • open the browser and in the address bar enter «192. 168.10.1», press «Enter»;
  • the web interface will prompt you to enter a user name and password, which by default is «admin».

Later, for security purposes, a standard login details it is recommended to change.

To do this:

  • go to the tab «Service» in the web interface of the device;
  • choose «administrator Password» in the corresponding fields, enter and confirm a new password;
  • click «Save».

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

Attention! If the router has already been used, it is possible that its default username and password has been changed. In this case, you must first return the device to its factory settings.

To reset:

  • find on the back of the «Reset»button;
  • using a pen, a paperclip or other small object hold down the button for about 10 seconds;
  • after this time the lights on the front panel will flash, and will restart by restoring the standard configuration.

Video: Connecting and configuring

Configure protocols

Recall that in this model kit includes a CD that contains quick settings to access the network. It helps to establish connections to most providers, common in the Russian market. If necessary the service provider or don’t need the full setup of the system, a separate connection can be created manually. For each of the connection types, the process will be slightly different. Next, we consider L2TP and PPPoE.


Before you start to configure this type of connection, it must be said that this model router does not support it by default. To remedy this situation will help install the latest firmware version. How to do it – will be reviewed at the end of the article. If the device software has already been updated, proceed:

  1. go to the section «configuring interfaces»and then «Internet»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

  2. note the type of IP address static or dynamic (depends on the specific provider to find out this information from the technical support);
  3. opens the tab «VPN» and find the name of the desired Protocol;
  4. put it near the point in the «Activated» and respectively «Deactivated» for the second type of connection;
  5. in the field «IP» the address you enter (you can also see the provider);
  6. in the fields «Username» and «Password» specify the information from the contract with the service provider;
  7. save the changes by pressing «Save».

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g


Start configure the router Upvel UR 344aN4G for Rostelecom and other providers that use PPPoE connection.

It is made in the following way:

  • open the «interface configuration» and «Internet»;
  • in «Encapsulation» specify «PPPoE»;
  • enter the login details from your provider;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

  • connection type, activate the «Permanent»;
  • «Default route» set to «Yes»;
  • in the field «IP address Type» offered «Dynamic»;
  • «NAT» and «IFMP Proxy» set to «Enable»;
  • click «Save».

Setting up Internet via 3G/4G modem

To establish such a connection is very simple:

  1. go to the appropriate page in the router menu;
  2. in the»3G connection» , specify the «Committed»;
  3. include «Backup 3G»;
  4. «APN»default set to «Yes»;
  5. leave the other settings unchanged, and activate them with the button «Save» at the bottom of the page.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g


Proceed with connecting the wireless connection:

  • open the menu and go into «configure Wi-Fi interface»;
  • in the field «access Point» specify «Insert»;
  • «Channel» select «Russia Auto»;
  • «SSID» – come up with a name for our network (can be any name containing Latin letters and digits);
  • «Use WPS» is indicated by a «Yes» or «No» depending on whether you plan to use this feature;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

  • in the column «Encryption» allocated «AES» or «TKIP+AES»;
  • in paragraphs «WDS Mode « and «Filter MAC address» note «Disable»;
  • save all changes by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page.

Important! Calling the new network, you must consider one thing: some of the devices that use wireless connection (smartphones, tablets) are not always properly display the network whose name begins with a capital letter. To avoid such problems, it is better to give the connection a name starting with the string sign.

Video: Review upvel UR 344AN4G

How to set IPTV

Activation of IPTV will require some patience:

  • go to «interface configuration» and «Internet»;
  • select virtual channel «PVC1»;
  • input the «VPI» and «VCI» (you can recognize them from the ISP);
  • in the «ATM QoS» select «UBR»;
  • in the «connection Type» you specify «bridge Mode»;
  • open the page «configure interfaces» and go to «Local network»;
  • check below in the «DHCP» flock boxes for the ports that will connect various devices (PC, tablet, smartphone), port for IPTV should be left unchecked;
  • click «Save» at the bottom of the page;
  • now go to «advanced settings» from this menu in the «port Binding»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

  • activate the feature in the group 0, select «ATM VC», and for ports 1-3 Ethernet and WLAN assigned to 1, save the settings;
  • in the first group choose the 1st port ATM VC and 4 for Ethernet, again, save the changes.

The configuration of IPTV is completed.


Download the latest firmware version from the manufacturer’s website – «».

The process will be as follows:

  • go to the website and select the file format «tclinux.bin» and download it;
  • click on the «Browse»button;
  • specify the directory in which the downloaded file and click «Update»;
  • wait for the router reboot;
  • go into the interface again by entering username and password.

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 344an4g

Attention! The update may take some time. Do not disconnect the device or its cables – it can lead to serious disruptions in the operation of the device.

After updating, you can automatically save the settings from a special file:

  1. click on the appropriate button;
  2. specify a folder to store the file and select «Save»;
  3. select the format «romfile», click «Browse»;
  4. write down the path to the directory where the file is stored settings, press «Open»;
  5. click on the «Update» button at the bottom of the page;
  6. waiting for a reboot when the changes will come into force;
  7. re-enter the web interface.

Router Upvel UR 344an4g suitable for small office and home. It is attractive for its low price, ease of use and installation. Adjustment should not cause any problems even for those who first encounters with such process.

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