How to configure the router Upvel UR 313N4G

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure a router of Upvel UR 313N4G

Upvel UR 313N4G – easy to connect and use the router that will help to establish a one-time network access for many devices: computers, phones, tablets, printers. Supports different types of connection, digital television, and also has multi-language interface that facilitates the work with him. So, let’s proceed to the instructions for setting it up.

Connecting the router

Before connecting, open the box and examine the package.

In addition to the router in it are:

  • power supply;
  • network cable;
  • CD with user manual and software to configure;
  • user manual and warranty card.

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

Proceed to the installation:

  • place the device at the selected location;
  • using network cable connect the LAN port of the router and the network connector of the computer;
  • connect the power adapter to the router and plug it into the network.


Further configuration starts with the login window:

  • open the Internet browser and in the address bar, dial «192. 168.10.1», press «Enter»;
  • in the fields name and password are leading the standard data is «admin» for both values.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

If the system does not accept them, it means that the factory settings were changed (especially important when using b/u router).

In this case, restore the default configuration:

  • on the bottom we find the reset button;
  • take a pen or other long, thin object and hold it for about 10-20 seconds;
  • the LEDs on the router blink and it will reset, restoring the default settings.

You can now log in to the web interface described above. For security purposes, the login details must be changed. About this process will be discussed in the end of the article.

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Configuring connection to the Internet

Go to setting wifi router Upvel UR 313N4G and consider different types of network connections:

  • go to the web interface and in the left pane, open the tab «Local network and Internet»;
  • next, from the list of «configure Internet connection».

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

Available connections there are several types. Below we consider each of the specific cases.


To install this type of connection, you will need:

  1. go to connection type and select «PPPoE»;
  2. to enter a user name and password to access the Internet (it is in the contract with the provider or you can check with technical support);
  3. in the section «MTU» specify «1472» or «Auto»;
  4. turn on the option to clone the MAC address if the provider checks it before every access to the network (this information also is available from technical support);
  5. click «Apply».


Connections that use the L2TP Protocol are set as follows:

  1. if your ISP provides a dynamic IP address (to be confirmed this information from his representatives), you must first select the option DHCP client (Dynamic IP);

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  2. go to the VPN configuration, activate the option «Enable VPN»;
  3. under «Type of VPN» select «L2TP»;
  4. in «Host, IPorDNSname» specify the server address of your provider (should be in the contract);
  5. click «Apply and connect» that to save all changes made.


When you use a VPN connection, follow these steps:

  1. in the «connection Type» choose «PPTP»;
  2. «Address type» specify «Dynamic»;
  3. enter the server address and login details provided by your ISP (you can check with technical support);
  4. put a check next to the option «Allow PPTP»;
  5. save the settings and exit.

NAT with automatic dynamic IP address (DHCP)

Continue to configure wifi router Upvel UR 313N4G.

Let’s debug NAT:

  1. go to the web interface of the router;
  2. in the left pane, open the tab «Basic settings» and then «WAN Interface»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  3. in the field «Type of Internet connection» DHCP set dynamic IP address;
  4. if the service provider uses check MAC address (you can check with technical support), you must install the clone, go to the appropriate section and click «Enable»;
  5. save the changes by pressing «Apply».

Configuring IPTV

This model, like others from this family supports the connection of digital television. Before the use of the prefix need to be configured in the IPTV interface on the router.

Let’s start:

  1. using a network cable, connect the receiver to one of the available LAN ports on the router;
  2. go to the «Local network and Internet» and choose the settings;
  3. in a «Multicast route», activate «Enable»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  4. if your ISP uses static IP (check the contract or update from support), then proceed to an extended version of the interface and open the section local network settings;
  5. further, the «Internet» and «Routing»;
  6. specify the static type and save changes.

Wi-Fi on the router

Proceed to the configuring a wireless connection:

  1. go to the interface to the «Settings Wi-Fi network» and then «Basic settings»;
  2. in the «settings…» set the value of «802.11 b/g/n mixed mode»;
  3. in the graph setup bandwidth select «20»;
  4. set the primary and secondary channel manually or click «auto detect»;

Attention! When you install a primary and secondary wireless communication links need to come from their General availability. Pay attention to how many devices will connect to them simultaneously and distribute them in such a way as to avoid overload. To determine the indicator «employment» of the network can be either empirically or by using specialized utility.

  1. in the field «SSID» invent and enter a name for new connection (can consist of Latin letters and digits);

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  2. in the «guard interval», select «Auto» or custom it to your liking;
  3. near the «20/40 coexistence» specify «Disable» («disable»).
  4. save the changes.

Please note! When choosing a name for the new connection, it is better not to start it with a capital (big) letters. Some models of devices (smartphones, tablets) may experience difficulties in defining such a network.

The connection is almost ready, but still need to take care of his safety:

  • again, go to «Settings Wi-Fi network», but this time choose «Protection»;
  • protective algorithm referred to «WPA2-PSK» and encryption «TKIP/AES»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  • create a password (8 characters);
  • in the «access Policy» click «Disable».

Change the factory default password

During the initial router settings to use the default login data is very convenient, but after networking and Internet connection, we strongly recommend you to change them. This will help prevent unauthorized access to your connection.

Start this procedure:

  • go to the web interface using the factory default username and password («admin» in both fields);

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  • go to the tab «Administration» and hence to «Control»;
  • in an empty column «Password» will come up with new and introduce it (at least 8 characters);
  • specify the desired user name (in Latin letters, begin with uppercase);
  • click on the «Apply» button at the bottom of the page.

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Save/restore settings

Recall that this model router came with a disc with software, which enables automatic «tuning for dummies». To use it, you simply run the software and follow the contained instructions. When setting (manual or automatic) is completed, all changes can be saved so in case of problems not to go through the whole process again.

Do a backup of our settings:

  1. go into the interface and open the tab «Administration»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

  2. go to the «Manage settings»;
  3. click «Export» and in the appeared window specify a file type of «.dat»;
  4. select the folder where data will be stored and affirm.

Then in the specified directory will appear a file, from where if necessary you can restore all the current settings applied to the router.

To download them you must:

  • in this menu, select «Import settings»
  • to specify the storage path of the file;
  • to confirm your choice.

Как настроить роутер Upvel UR 313N4G

All changes made at the time of export will be restored. In the tab «Administration» you can also find a special file, containing the factory settings. For their application you need to download the file and import it. It is worth remembering that software is constantly being updated. The latest version can be found and downloaded from the official website.

To update the firmware, do the following:

  1. go to the website «»;
  2. select the file format «tclinux.bin» and save to your PC;
  3. menu of your router click the Browse button and specify the path to the file.
  4. click «Update» and the expected end of the process, which will inform perezagruzite router;
  5. again enter into the interface by entering the username and password.

Attention! During the import settings or software updates do not turn off the power to the device.

The routers of this series are fairly simple connection. They are great for beginners who never dealt with setting up such devices. Attached to the router drive, and special configuration files and software updates, will quickly lead him to a healthy state and to establish a connection with the network, both in manual and automatic mode.

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