How to configure the router The n150

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure the router The n150

The n150 compact router that allows you to establish a one-time network connection for many of your devices. In addition, it supports the connection of IPTV set-top box that allows you to connect your digital TV.

It is extremely easy to use and install, the stages of which we will consider next.

Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

Connected to PC

We’ll start by connecting our router to the computer.

Opening the box we find the following elements:

  • Ethernet cable length of about 1.5 meters;
  • the router;
  • CD with user manual and guide connection;
  • tool for automatic configuration;
  • a power adapter.

Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

Go to the connection process:

  • set the router at the desired location;
  • connect the network cable to one of its LAN ports and the network card slot of the PC;
  • connected to the router power adapter and insert it into the socket;
  • on the unit flash of light, indicating that power is being supplied.

Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

The antenna in this model is located on the rear panel. After the installation of the router in the desired position, it is necessary to raise. Now the router is ready for further configuration.

Input into the settings

First we need to get into the web interface, which will help to configure wifi router The N150:

  • run any of the installed browsers;
  • in the address field enter «192. 168.10.1» and press «Enter»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

  • in the displayed login window enter login and password «admin» (later these data can be changed, as it is described at the end of the article).

If you try to log in interface appears, a message about wrong username or password, it may mean that the router is already someone used it and changed the standard settings.

In this case, they need to be reset:

  • we find on the bottom of the unit «Reset»button;
  • using a thin object, hold it for about 10 seconds;
  • the device will restart and restore to factory settings.

Configure Internet protocols

All necessary settings can be easily done using the supplied router disk. When it starts there is a special menu, following the prompts where it is possible to automatically set the optimal configuration for most providers on the market of Internet services. If the drive is lost or you need to configure a separate connection, without changing other system settings, you can do it manually.

Consider two types of popular connections – L2TP, and PPPoE.

Beeline and many other providers use to connect L2TP.

To configure it you need to:

  1. go to section «interface configuration» and «Internet»;
  2. to set the type of IP address (may be dynamic or static – this information is necessary to check with your provider);
  3. open the tab «VPN» and find it «L2TP»;
  4. activate this type of connection, setting next to it «Activated»;
  5. on the contrary the second type of connection specified «Deactivated»;
  6. move to the field «IP» and enter your address (you can check with the technical support of your ISP);
  7. enter the login name and password used to access the Internet;
  8. save all changes.

The second popular type of connection is PPPoE. It uses, for example, Rostelecom.

This connection is established:

  1. go to «interface configuration» and «Internet»;
  2. in paragraph «Encapsulation» specify «PPPoE»;
  3. enter the login name and password given by ISP for access to the network;
  4. «Connection type» to include «Permanent»;
  5. in the column «default Route» set to «Yes»;
  6. confirm the use of dynamic IP addresses;
  7. include «NAT» and «IFMP Proxy»;
  8. saved your changes.

Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

Configure the access point Wi-Fi

So, proceed to configuring a Wi Fi:

  1. go to menu «configure Wi-Fi interface»;
  2. activate the field «access Point»;
  3. the value of the select channel «Russia Auto»;
  4. in the «SSID» set a name for our future network (any word consisting of Latin letters and digits);
  5. in «Using WPS» specify the desired value («Yes» if you plan to use this standard or «No»);
  6. in the field of encryption, specify «AES» or «TKIP+AES»;
  7. turning off the «WDS Mode» and filtering by MAC addresses;
  8. save the changes.

Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

Please note! When setting up any wireless network, you must carefully approach the selection of its name. Some devices, particularly certain models of tablets and smartphones, are not always able to connect to the network, the name of which starts with a capital letter. Such lining was better to use lower case characters and numbers.

Another type of wireless connection, is rapidly gaining popularity in the modern world, is 3G. What to do if you want to connect this type?

It’s simple:

  1. open the web interface of the router by typing login and password;
  2. go to the page with the settings for 3G connection;
  3. in the «3G connection» activate «Involved»;
  4. in the «Backup 3G» specify «Insert»;
  5. «APN» default put «Yes»;
  6. everything else can be left unchanged, click on the «Keep below» and leave.

Our 3G connection is ready to use.

Video: Connecting and configuring THE routers

Digital TV

Like other models of this series, n150 supports connect digital TV.

To connect IPTV will require us to go through the following process:

  • open the familiar menu «configure interfaces» and then «Internet»;
  • in the field of virtual channel select «PVC1»;
  • specify the «VPI» and «VCI» (learn their values from the technical support provider);
  • in the «ATM QoS» activate «UBR»;
  • set «bridge Mode» in connection type;
  • again, go to «interface configuration» and this time open the «Local network»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

  • pay attention to menu «DHCP» – here you must tick the box next to those ports, which will later be connected to various devices, a port for the IPTV must be blank, save changes;
  • open advanced settings and do some port binding in the corresponding menu.
  • assign «ATM VC» for group 0, and network ports 1-3 and wireless LAN for group 1;
  • now change the first group 1st port on the «ATM VC», and the 4th will assign to the Ethernet cable;
  • save all changes.

The process of the IPTV setup is complete, it remains only to connect the console.

Change the user name and password

To protect your connection, the default username and password is recommended to change at the first opportunity.

Here’s how:

  • go to the interface of the router using the default («admin» for username and password);
  • open the menu «Service» and «administrator Password» enter the new data;
  • confirm them by clicking «Save».

    Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

Important! If you leave the default login information, then it is possible to connect to your network by unauthorized devices.


For any model of router it is always important to have the latest version of the software. Developers are not only working to address emerging problems, and even add new features to their devices.

To update The n150 follow the simple steps:

  1. go to the website of the manufacturer – «» and download the latest firmware;
  2. click on the update section and specify the format «tclinux.bin»;
  3. click «Browse» and specify the folder where you saved the earlier file.
  4. click «Update»;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

  5. wait for the refresh, which re-enter the login name and password to log in interface.

Attention! During the upgrade do not disconnect power or disconnect from the device, no wires. This can lead to problems in the router and even complete breakage. It is important to wait until the router will download and install the update and then reboots itself. After that it will again be ready to work.

On The website you can also download a file from automatic system settings:

  1. save the file on the computer, indicating the directory;
  2. select the format «romfile» and click «Browse»;
  3. specify the path to the folder where you stored the downloaded configuration file;
  4. click «Open» and then click the updates button at the bottom of the page;

    Как настроить роутер Upvel n150

  5. the system will start copying and installation data, and then automatically will reboot;
  6. enter the login name and password to re-login to the interface.

The process of setting up The n150 is generally similar to other devices of this family. To connect to the Internet and setup a wireless network just follow the simple steps outlined above. This model, though, and is a budget, great for home use where not transferred huge amounts of information. It is able to satisfy the desires of the consumer and to create a single stable network for all devices.

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