How to configure router ASUS RT N13U

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure ASUS router RT N13U

ASUS RT N13U is a Wi-Fi router. He is able without any difficulty to provide Internet access to almost any gadget with a Wi-Fi component to its design. Due to the simplicity and versatility, this model has become one of the most popular today among ordinary users. It has many other advantages. RT N13U without any difficulty to find a common language with any provider.

During the installation process there is no need to carry out «dancing with a tambourine» and other obscure actions. The apparatus operates in the standard manner, the connection it is executed in just a few minutes. Such a well-known provider, how Beeline works fine with RT-N13U.

Equipment and appearance

This gadget in the original, made of light plastic and has a modern, stylish case.

If necessary, can be installed on any surface:

  • horizontal;
  • vertical.

For this there are special devices. When you need to place a router on the table – it is sufficient to use a special stand. If you want to mount it on a vertical surface, you can use the special holes located on the side of the this part of the case.

Overall dimensions of the router:

  • width, mm -165;
  • height, mm – 30;
  • length, mm – 125 mm.

The weight is only 265 g.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

Complete with RT N13U features:

  • supporting documentation;
  • the software disk;
  • antenna signal amplifier;
  • power supply;
  • cable for connection to a personal computer.

Connected PC to the router

To work router of this type, you must first connect it to your personal computer.

This action includes the following stages:

  • connect the camera to a household outlet of 220 V with special power supply;
  • the data cable is connected at one end to a PC (plug-in connector network card), the second end to the router;
  • press the «Power» button that is present on the body of the router.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

After performing all of the actions listed in a strict order, the apparatus will be connected to a stationary computer or laptop. It is important to do everything as carefully as possible, and do not forget to include the NIC for operation of the machine. Otherwise, the Internet to work simply will not.

The entrance to the interface

For this model you need to use a special interface.

To do this, simply connect RT N13U to the computer then:

  • open any browser and then drive in address bar;

    Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

  • a window will open which will contain two fields:
  1. username;
  2. password;
  • by default, the first field (user name) enter admin in the second field (password) write admin.

When all the above steps are completed, click on the «Send»button.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

Sometimes in devices of this type are installed various kind of third party firmware.

In such cases the password can be used the following character sets:

  • password;
  • 1234;
  • 0000;
  • «empty field».

In many cases username and password is written on a special decal taped to the bottom of the device. There is also the IP address that you enter in the address bar of the browser. It often happens that for some reason, is not suitable, then you need to pay attention to the lower part of the body of the router.

Video: Asus RT N13U WiFi router

Custom Internet

To work with Beeline to configure the router Asus RT N13U simply.

In Moscow consider the model works with the following parameters:

  • WAN connection type: PPTP or L2TP;
  • obtaining an IP address in the WAN: automatically;
  • using WAN DNS: automatic.
  • login and password are personal, they are provided by the provider.

    Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

The installation process itself is as follows:

  • in the left column of the WEB interface to select a section called WAN;
  • at the top of the page click on the item «Internet connection»;
  • in the «WAN connection Type» set to PPTP;
  • in the «Get WAN IP address automatically» set the checkbox to «YES»;
  • set the check box «connect to DNS server automatically» to «NO»;
  • write in the appropriate fields username and password;
  • in the item called «Server Heart-Beat or PPTP/L2TP (VPN)» write

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

After completion of all stages need only click on the «apply» button. The router will restart work on setting up the Internet completely finished.

Installed Wi-Fi

Despite the fact that the device operates quite successfully using a wired connection (includes appropriate connectors) in the first place most users buy it because of the possibility to surf the Internet without wires.

The router is ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE 2 — set up the Internet for Home ru? Details here.

Setup Wi-Fi on this device is as follows:

  • go to the tab called «advanced options» (located in the left side of the interface);
  • click on «Wireless network»;
  • in the SSID field, write the name of the wireless network;
  • «Authentication method» — select WPA-Auto-Personal;
  • «WPA» — TKIP;
  • «WPA preshared key» — you must enter a set of numbers and characters password length should be at least 8 and not more than 63 (preferably choose a hard to guess password);
  • click on the «Apply»button.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

When considering the adjustment method carried out, it is desirable to restart the PC. After this operation you can safely connect via wifi to this device.

How to reset the router Asus RT N13U

Often there are situations when it is necessary to reset the device to default settings.

This can be done in two ways:

  • software;
  • hardware.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

To return the machine settings to the factory condition mechanically, just click on the small button located at the rear of the hull. It is slightly recessed into plastic, therefore will have to use a thin and blunt object. To reset you need to press the button and hold it in this position for 10 seconds. Then the router needs to reboot.

If necessary, you can restore factory settings using Web interface:

  • open any browser and type the address;
  • go to the tab called «advanced settings»;
  • open the menu «Administration»;
  • select «Restore/save/upload settings».

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

In the opened window there is a button called «Restore». To return to factory settings and to reset, just click on it and restart the router. Change password to enter a Password to log in to a Wi-Fi network can be changed at any time using the device.

To do this, open the Web interface and do the following:

  • go to «Wireless network»;
  • erase everything that is written in the «Trust WPA key» and enter the new password;
  • click on the «Apply»button.

Login password it is important to choose an arbitrary in order to eliminate the probability of guessing. Thus, it is possible to avoid the use of Wi-Fi network scams by unauthorized persons.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

The AiDisk Feature

Asus RT N13U features AiDisk function.

Thanks to her, the following functions are available:

  • simplified setup of the FTP server;
  • work with the Dynamic DNS service.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

Due to the above functions, if necessary, you can easily share with friends different information, regardless of their location. In the presence of a portable hard drive connected to Asus RT N13U user can create at home a miniature FTP.

Connect the printer

To connect the printer to the Asus RT, you must connect them together with a special USB cable and run the utility called Asus Network Printer Setup.

Then do the following:

  • to verify the similarity of connection in the painting and in reality;

    Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

  • click «Next» and wait for approximately 5 minutes in automatic mode to be implemented by the adjustment of the printer;

    Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

  • upon completion of all stages on the PC screen will display a message.

Как настроить роутер ASUS RT N13U

Pluggable hard drive

To use the router in conjunction with a portable hard drive you must do the following:

  • to physically connect with a USB cable;
  • to open the web-interface;
  • choose the right screen section AiDisk;
  • choose the method of access to the disk;
  • to register link to FTP;
  • click on the «finish»button.

Power is supplied to the USB drive by cable, which is extremely convenient. Asus RT N13U is a versatile network equipment. It has many different useful functions.

Its setup is extremely simple and reliable electronic components. Router of this type is perfect both for home use and for office. He has a huge bandwidth.

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