How to configure Cisco router Linksys E1200

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure Cisco Linksys E1200 router

Cisco Linksys E1200 is one of the popular models of routers, combining a reasonable price and functionality. Let’s look at the connection and configuration of this router, as well as key points that should draw the attention of the user.

Package router and

The router is characterized by its simple and stylish design. Glossy black surface and slim body provide visual appeal and allow you to blend in seamlessly with any decor. Despite the fact that the model is budget, it uses all the modern technology of wireless Internet. However, it lacks Gigabit Ethetnet and USB ports to connect additional devices.

Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

The kit consists of:

  • the router;
  • network cable;
  • power adapter;
  • the CD is required to configure the software;
  • instructions.

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

Please note! Ventilation grill Cisco Linksys E1200 are on the sides, so when it is accommodation you need to make sure that they do not overlap other household items.

Connection and preparation to work

Unpack the router and start connection:

  • connected to the power adapter and turn it to the network;
  • click on the start button and wait for the download router;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  • take a short cable (supplied) and connect its one end to the LAN connector of the router, and the second inserted into the network connector of the PC;
  • the Internet cable inserted into the WAN connector on the switch.

The connection is over, go to the network card configuration:

  • go to the menu «start» then «control Panel»;
  • go to «Network and Internet» and «control Center…»;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  • go to the menu «Change settings» and select our active connection;
  • click on it and select «Properties»;
  • in the window with the protocols, find the «Internet Protocol 4» and confirm obtaining of IP and DNS addresses automatically;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  • click «OK» to save the changes.

Input into the settings

Start configure the router Cisco Linksys E120.

To get into the configuration menu should:

  • open a browser on the PC and in the address bar enter «», then press «Enter»;
  • in the authorization window enter your login and password («admin» and «password»).

Attention! The necessary access data (if different from the above) can usually be found on the back cover of the device or in the user manual.

Internet Configuration

After we got to the main menu, you can start the network connection.

This can be done in automatic mode:

  • go to «Settings» and then «General settings»;
  • find the item «Type of Internet connection» and choose «Automatic configuration – DHCP»;
  • save the changes by pressing «Save Settings».

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

Some providers use a binding to MAC address.

To configure this connection, you need to:

  1. go to the section «Settings» and find the option «Clone MAC address«;
  2. click «Enable» and confirm cloning the MAC address of your computer;
  3. save the changes.

The MAC address can be copied and manually.

It is possible to learn from the technical support of your ISP or look as follows:

  1. go to «start», hence «control Panel»;
  2. find the menu «control Center…»;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  3. go to the «Manage network connections»;
  4. click the right mouse button on the active connection and choose «Status»;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  5. next, click on «Information» and «Physical address» to find your MAC address.

Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

In that case, if the ISP uses a dynamic IP (one that changes each time you log on to the network), the connection will be slightly different:

  1. in your router settings go to the tab «Internet»;
  2. in the column «Required when connecting…» select «No».
  3. reaffirm consent to receive data for DNS and IP addresses automatically;
  4. if the active binding MAC-address – configure it (how to do it – described above);
  5. save the settings.

The process will have some individual nuances, if you use connection type «PPPoE»:

  • go to the «Internet» in your router settings;
  • in the box «Required when connecting…», change to «Yes»;
  • as a service provider, select «PPPoE»;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  • enter login data (username and password from your ISP, which you can see in the contract, or from the technical support);
  • in select mode, specify the «Always on»;
  • confirm the changes made.

Wireless network

Let’s move on to configuring your wireless network:

  1. go to the menu of the router and select «wireless connection Settings»;
  2. enter the name for the new connection, which will be displayed in the connections list;
  3. open the section «security Settings» and choose «WPA2-PSK[ASE]»;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  4. next, specify the desired password, which can consist of letters and numbers (at least 8 characters);
  5. save the changes.

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

Please note! In the process of choosing a name for the network note one detail: some devices, such as tablets or smart-phones do not always properly display the network whose name begins with a capital letter. That is why the name it is best to start with a capital.


To connect the IPTV is quite simple:

  1. in router menu, find the «Advanced» tab and choose «Internet Settings-port»;
  2. here you need to specify the port to which you connected the STB set-top box;
  3. confirm the change.

Video: setting up PPPoE connection

Reset the router

In that case, if the router was already in use before further work is recommended to restore its default settings.

To do this:

  • turn the device on its rear panel, find the «Reset», next to a small hole is a reset button;
  • using a pen or paperclip to hold the button in and wait for about 10 seconds;
  • the lights on the router will flash and it will reboot;
  • use default password and login («admin» and «password»).

In some cases, if the reset thus does not work, you should do it a little differently:

  • completely turn off the router and re-run it;
  • at startup hold down the reset button and wait about half a minute, the device is loaded;
  • if done correctly, the LEDs on the front panel will blink and the router will reboot again;
  • on next start-up the device will ask for a standard username and password («admin» and «password», they can also be found on the back cover of the device and in the instructions).

Attention! If you restore factory settings, you need to be aware of one important detail – after a reset and reboot to your router can connect all external devices, even those not belonging to you (e.g., neighbors). To avoid this situation, you must change your login info. How to do this will be described in the following paragraph.

Change the password to login

To change the password, we will need:

  1. go to the menu settings via the standard login and password (usually «admin» and «password»);
  2. go to security settings and choose change the data.
  3. enter a new password (and optionally username) using Latin numbers and letters;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  4. click «Save».

Important! When data changes, the system will ask to re-enter the new password to continue.

Updated the firmware

To update the firmware of the router is not difficult at home.

This can be done in the following way:

  • disconnect from the router WAN cable;
  • connected the LAN port of the device and a personal computer;
  • launch any browser and in the address enter «», press «Enter»;
  • in the login window input standard («admin» and «password» can be found on the reverse side of the device or in the user’s guide) or modified username and password;

    Как настроить роутер Cisco Linksys E1200

  • at the top of the interface displays the number of the current firmware, click on it;
  • appears download window prompting you to save the firmware file to your computer;
  • specify the desired directory and click «Send». that will start the update process;
  • wait for finish download file and update the firmware without disconnecting the power and cables.

In that case, if you go to the web-interface does not work, you need to reset the device. As it was described above.

In General the connection and setup the Cisco Linksys E1200 is almost indistinguishable from other models of routers. For those users who have faced a similar process, they will be simple and clear. They will not create great difficulties for beginners. Just follow the above instructions or ask questions in the comments.

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