How to configure and maintain the Express panel of the Opera

By | 10.12.2018

How to set and keep the Express panel of the Opera

Express bar provides quick access to your favorite sites, and you can save various links. Due to the fact the users from time to time you have to reinstall your operating system, it is a very important issue.

Install Opera

Installer Opera browser can be downloaded for free from various sites, including the official resource. The installation program takes several minutes and requires the user only consistent evidence of the installation.

The speed dial — what’s that?

The Express panel is a tool that provides quick access to bookmarks and favourites sites. In the Express panel Opera install you can also and the different applications represented a wide choice on the website browser. Unlike the standard bookmark toolbar links to Internet resources appear in the form of pictures, logos or thumbs sites. This solution allows much faster to navigate in the dashboard when searching bookmarks.

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

The panel is supported by the developers of the browser and receives regular updates which bring different innovations and amendments to the system panel. Therefore, the Express panel of the Opera (old version) may have some differences in the settings and interface. In addition to speed dial in the browser there are also two other item for quick access to pages: «Moneybox» and «Recommendations».

Settings in the browser

To change the main settings of the Express panel in the browser should:

  • open the menu «Opera» in the upper left corner;
  • go to «Settings»;
  • tick «Show advanced settings»;
  • select the required parameters Express pane, under «home page».

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

How to configure the Express panel of the Opera?

One of the main features of the Express panel is intuitive interface, not overloaded with settings. Thanks to this solution, setting bookmarks, and other items does not require any special skills or knowledge.

Theme and screensaver

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

Setting skins by using a special panel, to open you want to click the right mouse button and choose «Change theme«.

Video: How to customize Opera 15 and Opera 16

The new design of the interface

The default browser includes several themes from which you can choose the most suitable option. To download the alternative themes should:

  • go to the link «Get new themes«;
  • to choose the theme;
  • click on the button «add to Opera».

To create your own theme, change the background or if you have no screensaver speed dial, you must do the following:

  • click «Create your theme»;
  • choose your picture;
  • to choose the parameters of image location and display settings of the text;
  • click on the button «Create».

This way you can create the Wallpaper for the background of the Express panel.

Important! It is recommended to use images of large resolution. Sites desktop Wallpaper you can find pictures of suitable resolution for the background of the dial.

Create a new element

To create a new item on your speed dial, you must click on the «x» and enter a website address or choose the options proposed pages and applications. Also you can click on different extensions to select the applications from the list.

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

Adding applications is done the same way as installing themes. Alternatively, add items is to click the right mouse button on a free space of the panel. In the opened menu choose «add to speed dial» or «add extension».

How to edit the cells?

To modify or delete the contents of cells on the General panel, click the right mouse button on a bookmark or application and select the desired item. Click «Edit» you can edit the name and the address of the visual tab.

Tabs in Opera browser

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

When you add cells automatically with different options of pages that you have visited previously. After adding you can rearrange tabs by dragging them to the desired position.

Folders for pages

In addition to individual pages, you can also create folders that will contain tabs for different subjects. How to add a folder? To create a folder is enough to drag one tab to another. Thus, you can create your bookmark directory. For folders there is a function «open all», which you should click the right mouse button on the folder.

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

This feature allows you to open tabs that are in this folder. Thus, you can create a folder with pages that open up every day to check news, mail, etc. you can Also save all open pages in a folder. For this you need to right-click on the area of the open pages and click «Save tabs as a folder on speed dial».

The speed dial on the main

By default, the Express panel installed on the homepage.

If you have a different page, to make starting the device you must perform the following steps:

  • click on «Opera»;
  • select the section «Settings»;
  • in the section «on startup» choose «Open start page«.

How to save in Opere Express panel and import it?

How to copy configuration express panel? Unlike previous versions of Opera in the current versions of exporting and saving bookmarks is possible with the synchronization or moving the files manually.

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

In order to know where Opera stores the files that contain the settings tabs, you must open section «About». To do this, click «Opera» and select «About».

In the window that appears next to «Profile» and is the address of the file storage settings tabs:

  • the file «Bookmarks» contains settings for your saved pages;
  • file «Stash» are responsible for the sites stored in the «Piggy Bank»;
  • files «favorites» contain the Express settings panel.

Moving data files you can save bookmarks to your speed dial.

How to import bookmarks? In order to restore the saved page you want to move the saved files to the same folder after you reinstall the browser and confirm the replacement. Bookmark favorite website You can also save pages of your favorite sites in category «Piggy Bank».

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

This service allows you to receive instant access to the page which you want to view later. To add a site to this section please click on the icon «heart» near the address bar and choose «Add a page in the Treasury».

Where is the bookmark?

Initially, the bookmark in the speed dial Opera is hidden.

To enable this pane, do the following:

  • open the menu «Opera»;
  • select «Settings»;
  • open the tab «Browser»;
  • in the section «user Interface» to put a tick next to «Show bookmarks bar».

Как настроить и сохранить экспресс панель Оперы

The Express panel of the Opera browser has a simple and convenient interface, which includes not only the standard functions of the visual tabs, but also additional services: applications, «Recommendations» and «Piggy». Thanks to the simple instructions the user can easily configure the speed dial in accordance with his preferences.

The panel also suggests broad possibilities for configuring registration. Due to the large number of diverse topics you can choose the most suitable design for your Express. Restore settings is by saving and then moving the files panel settings that are in the program directory.

Also, in Opera there is also a synchronization feature allows you to save your settings on multiple devices.

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