How to configure a router TENDA W316R

By | 10.12.2018

How to configure a router TENDA W316R

TENDA W316R provides an inexpensive, yet highly functional router in China. He now enjoys wide popularity, as in this case, there is no overpayment for the brand. Next will be described the device and principles of work with him.


Consider how to connect a tenda w316r router to the computer. It really is a simple operation which can handle any.

So, do the following:

  • get the device from the packaging. Included should be a power cord (it is also called a «patch cord»). Install the cord from your provider to the blue port;
  • then turn on the power supply;
  • now connect the wires of the router and the computer;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • next you need to make sure that the network card is configured properly. If you have already used Wi-Fi or other Internet connection, you probably all right. Otherwise, you will have to download the manual to your card;

Tip: to find out the model of the map, go to device Manager, find the equipment you need and copy the identification code in any search engine.

  • having dealt with the settings, you can easily get into the web interface of the device.

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

Please note that the router should be placed at the center of the apartment. This is to ensure that all areas were equally clear wireless signal.

Many experts do not recommend placing the wireless router near appliances like microwave, washing machine, electric cooker etc. There is a perception that they are able to degrade the signal. Moreover, this theory proven in practice.


Now you need to authorize. It is needed for further work and billing settings.

You will need to do the following:

  1. each of the routers from this manufacturer working on a single address. Of course, we are talking about factory settings. If they have been changed, you will need to enter other data;
  2. so, open any browser and enter it in the address bar (where is usually written the name of the sites) Press Enter;
  3. this will open the web-interface. With this begins the setup router tenda w316r;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  4. in one of the fields you will need to enter user data. In the window write the login is admin and the password field left blank. At the end press the OK button.

Please note that you can set a password, in order to exclude the possibility of connecting strangers to your device. Don’t forget to save it in a separate document.

If you set the password and then forgot it all can be easily fixed. To do this, click on the Reset button on the device. To do this you will need the rod from the handle or anything like that.

Change the factory default password

Each router is the default factory password. Most users prefer to change it, as it is better to specify it manually, so that in the future not to forget.

This is done quite simply:

  • go to the main menu and select the tab «custom setting»;
  • as we have said, by default the password is admin (that is the same as the login). Needless to say that such data is unsafe. In many ways, that’s why they change;
  • to do this, go to menu «system tools». A window opens in which select the item «correct password»;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • next, the system prompts you to enter the old password (General safety requirement). Enter «admin»;
  • now click on the tab «new password» and enter there the treasured set of letters and symbols. Then enter these data again in the confirmation box. Again, don’t forget to save the data to in the future not to have problems;
  • click «update»;
  • as a result, the system will ask again to enter the menu settings.

Video: Overview and how to reset

How to set wifi router tenda w316r to the Internet

This multifunction device as a router running multiple protocols. The specific choice depends on your provider. Next, consider all possible options.


This setup needed to work with the provider Rostelecom and many others. This Protocol has a high reliability and availability. That’s why he enjoys wide popularity.

To do this you will need the following:

  • open the main window. It select Advanced Settings;
  • next, go to the menu, Wan Settings and set all the parameters;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • connection type — Rroe;
  • user name — specify your username given by ISP. It will have to look for the documents;
  • the password is also looking into the contract;
  • getting the IP address set automatically (this is the basic requirement of this Protocol);
  • complete the setting of parameters by pressing «OK». The result will immediately show an active connection.

If the connection is not activated, it is likely the provider holds a reference to the MAC address.

To create the connection, do the following:

  • in the main interface go to the tab «MAC Clone»;
  • click «Apply»;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • the result is a hardware address be assigned to the correct port.


This Protocol you will need if you use the services of the provider Beeline (or MTS). It is no less popular today. The setting of parameters is simple.

Do the following:

  • go to Wan Settings. Appears already familiar to us the window;
  • connection type L2TP exposed;
  • L2TP address put the one specified in the contract. If you for some reason lost it, you can call the provider hotline and update it;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • next, you need to enter user credentials (login and password). In the absence of this information, you will have to come personally to the office of a provider with a passport. Only in this case will be able to restore them.
  • the MTU setting you need to put no more than 1450;
  • the obtain an IP address automatically do;
  • all the remaining values leave no change.
  • in the end, as always, click on OK.


Of course, the main purpose of this device is to provide wireless Wi-Fi network. To configure its easy, just important to possess the correct information.

So, to do the following:

  • go to main interface and open the tab «Wireless Settings»;
  • in the opened window put a tick next the «Enable function»;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • now we need to think of a name for your network. We strongly recommend to use it as a password or other sensitive user data;
  • however, you can hide your network name. To do this, in the item «Broadcast», select «Disable»;
  • at the end press the «OK» button and our established network will start to operate;
  • if you want to achieve a high level of security (this is recommended), it is best to activate the encryption and password to connect;
  • to do this, open the item «Wireless Security»;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • here you will need to set the encryption method and password. Highly recommend to make it more difficult;
  • Note: now there are many software that allows you to crack passwords of networks. To avoid this, you should ask it quite complicated. The fact that the main part of this is based on the principle of overkill.

  • the developers do not recommend the use of uppercase, and symbols. After this, click on the «OK»button.

Other possibilities

It is the brainchild of Chinese developers has a fairly high functionality.

Briefly, let’s consider that it allows you to do:

  1. put the device in DMZ. This measure will allow to configure the network type for direct connection;
  2. in addition, there is the option to activate uPNP. This will make much faster work applications such as torrent, Skype, ICQ and others. To do this you need to tick in the settings next to uPNP;
  3. as in many other routers there is the opportunity to connect to IPTV.

In addition, it is possible to setup port forwarding. This allows you to create home networks of several machines and work under the overall management system.

Consider how to activate this mode:

  • in the main interface, choose «Virtual server»;
  • then click on «port forwarding»;
  • a window opens in which to specify the parameters;
  • in the paragraphs start and end port you will need to specify the desired range;

    Как настроить роутер TENDA W316R

  • IP address — specify the data corresponding to the devices on which to receive requests.
  • then choose your favorite Protocol;
  • at the end click on the button «allow».

Thus, we can state that, despite its low price (this device belongs to the category budget) TENDA W316R highly functional router that allows you to use all the capabilities of wireless networks.

That’s about it. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in setting up this type of equipment. Possessing correct information and an appropriate level of patience you can achieve the desired result. In the end it should be noted that if necessary you can reset all settings by pressing the Reset button.

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