How to configure a laptop on hand Wi-Fi without a router

By | 10.12.2018

How to set the laptop on the distribution of Wi-Fi without a router

High-speed wireless data transfer are very popular today. That is why many use it at home. But the cost of good equipment to provide General access to the Internet this method is not too small. And many either don’t want to spend such amounts of money or simply can’t.

The way out of this difficult situation and a banal way to save money is a special program that turns a computer with the existing wireless data transmission in a real router. And sometimes this PC is not less functional in this role, what specifically designed for signal distribution equipment.

Setup using the built-in Windows

At the core of this seventh version of OS built-in feature called Virtual Wi-Fi. If the communication module of the notebook supports SoftAP, you can very quickly make it an access point.

Customize laptop on hand Wi-Fi is not only with the help of specially designed software, but also standard tools of the Windows operating system.

To use a laptop as a router will need to configure the network settings:

  • run CMD with administrator rights in the window is written: «netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=»network Name» key=»Network password» keyUsage=persistent»;
  • when this command is successfully executed, the OS will be a new device. In the system it will be displayed as «Adapter mini-port Wi-Fi»;

    Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

  • directly starting the hosted network after which you can start working with it, is thus: with administrator rights to run the command «netsh wlan start hostednetwork».

After successfully completing all the above steps, the process ends.

For the share settings via wireless you will need to do the following:

  • open the properties of the network adapter;
  • in the tab «Access» you should tick «Allow other network users to use the Internet connection of this PC»;
  • drop-down list appears, select the virtual network adapter.

Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

Laptop access point

Standard tools of the Windows operating system allows without wasting time and difficulties to carry out the distribution using wireless communication technology. An important feature of this method of providing online is that no matter how the computer gets access – Dial-Up, 3G, 4G or otherwise.

A very important feature: the computer can be connected to any wireless network, and at the same time be the access point (router). But this method has its disadvantages. That is why there are many different types of programs designed specifically to perform this function (turning a PC into a Wi-Fi router).

The most popular:

  • Virtual;
  • mHotSpot;
  • Connectify.

Distribution using Connectify

To configure a program called Connectify for Internet sharing is quite simple, it does not require any special knowledge of the secrets of the computer.

After downloading the program setup is done in a few minutes and in seven simple steps (the installation wizard will help you to do this):

  • in the first window titled «Welcome», click on «Easy Setup Wizard», then click «Next»;
  • a window will open called «wifi Device». In the drop-down list you will need to find the connection over which will be connected to the Internet. Click «Next»;
  • in the third stage you can select the network name, and write it yourself. The window called «Network Name». It is desirable to give preference to the names in Latin letters. This will avoid various errors;
  • after a name, the application the following window will allow to define the encryption type:
  1. Ad-hoc, open – unprotected mode;
  2. Ad-Hoc, WEP – with this type of encryption required Password length of at least 26 characters.
  3. Access PointWPA2-PSK – password length can be from 8 to 63 characters (all the letters of the English alphabet and numbers from 0 to 9). Quite reliable type of data encryption;

    Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

  • when the encryption type is selected, you can proceed to the next step to select a password. Combination of letters and numbers shall meet the requirements of the selected encryption system;
  • the next window has the title «Shared Connection». It will be required to select the connection that you use to access the Internet. This channel will be used program;
  • the last configuration window – Configuration tab. Near the «Start HotSpot after closing wizard» be sure to put a check. Then click the button labeled «Finish».

If all settings are correct, and network hardware supports SoftAP the application will start to provide Internet to the connected devices.


Virtual – free Internet

Another program, which is a software shell to configure public access to the Internet through the wireless communication module is Virtual Router Manager. It is characterized by its simplicity, the installation usually takes no more than 5-7 minutes even if you encounter any problems.

First you need to download and install the program. Installation is usually done from a file with the extension .msi.

After this simple process, the program can immediately be started, it will have the following form:

Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

Configuration itself is performed in just three steps:

  • in the upper field you must enter the wireless network name, it will display all the connect users.
  • in the second from the top field enter the password for authentication – it needs to be at least 8 characters. The program uses encryption WPA2/AES;
  • the last line is a drop-down list is selected is used for Internet connection (resources of this channel will be available via Wi-Fi).

The point of distribution, which will turn the PC after the program settings will allow you to connect to the selected channel to all users who know the password. It is only important to specify the correct connection name in the lower list.

After the implementation of all the simple settings to get started you need only to press the button «Start Virtual Router».

mHotSpot – virtual wifi router

The application is to provide Internet wirelessly extremely easy to set up. The installation also usually doesn’t cause problems – it comes in the standard way, using the built-in Windows installer.

Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

After installation, you can immediately open the window to begin configuration.

You must pay attention to the following points:

  • HotSpot Name – in this field you should enter the access point name, it will be displayed for different devices;
  • Password – this field is usually entered password length must be at least 8 characters. When you click on the button «Show Password» the password becomes visible on the screen;
  • Internet Source – selects the channel to access the Internet. You must select a working active connection;
  • Max Client total number of devices that can connect to the computer as clients. Maximum number – no more than 10 pieces.

The Start button is activated Hotspote operation of the computer as a regular router. The program has a special signaling a green color inscription «ON». It denotes the beginning of normal work. To disable distribution, you must click «Stop Hotspote».

Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

Distribution Wi-Fi from the laptop using command line

To create a network with access to the Internet will require only the connection is working, and module with the function of SoftAp. Distribution Wi-Fi from a laptop without a router is possible even in the absence of special software (operating system).

The start of a hand by using the command line is as follows:

  • press the «start» button, in the search bar to find CMD;
  • run it in administrator mode;
  • in the opened window, enter «netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=»HomeWiFi» key=»123qwe123456» keyUsage=persistent», where:
  1. ssid= “….” – the name of the network;
  2. key=“…” – password for connection;
  • press «Enter»;

    Как настроить ноутбук на раздачу Wi-Fi без роутера

  • when the preceding command is executed in the same window, enter «netsh wlan start hostednetwork».

Thus, with one command line, you can easily create and implement simple wireless setup.

Wireless connection extremely convenient, it has many advantages. And to create it it is not necessary to buy special expensive equipment. Need only a standard PC with the existing design of the communication module which supports SoftAp.

With the help of special programs or even without them you can easily configure the wireless network to make available Internet bandwidth available for multiple devices.

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