How to close a Word document password

By | 10.12.2018

How to close a Word document with a password

If you want to hide the contents of your Word document from prying eyes — set password for opening. This method does not give 100% protection from those who very much want to know what’s inside and is familiar with the password-breaking software, but from the prying eyes of colleagues at work or at home, this method will help.

How to close a Word document with a password

Open the document and go to menu «Tools» – «Options» – «Security» and in the «Password to open the file» please enter your password. Click OK, save the document. Now open the document will be accompanied by a request for password and until then, until will not be conducting true — the document does not open.

Review: In Microsoft Word 2007 the Option of password protection is elsewhere: «File» — «Prepare» — «Encrypt document»

To remove password protection is sufficient to enter the setting, to remove from the string for your password and save the document.

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