How to clean unnecessary files on your computer

By | 10.12.2018

How to clean unnecessary files on your computer

All the people who have computer problems, the essence of which is to «hang up» and «logania» PC. To prevent this from happening, you should regularly clean your computer from the unnecessary file elements.

Why make a clearance

The memory of the computer is a problem faced by almost everyone who has a PC, and it doesn’t matter it is home or work. And the main question in this case is how to clear junk files on the computer without harm to its software.

Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

The PC memory begins to fill up too quickly when the user sets very often, and then remove the program from your PC. Padding system of hard disks leads to the fact that the entire PC starts working in slow motion, different software starts to open slowly, and the game begins to suffer interface.

The same signal that the memory of PC hard drive is full, will be constantly pop-up window with the message that the memory is full and need to free up space on the system drive. If You repeatedly pop up the window, then You should start quickly to carry out activities for cleaning up free space on your existing personal computer.

Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

The positive side of getting rid of the junk file items:

  1. increase free memory of the personal computer;
  2. various programs will open twice as fast;
  3. turning on and turning off Your PC will take only a few seconds;
  4. the PC is significantly faster;
  5. reduced risk of errors in the system drive.

Cleaning the PC without utilities

Clean computer of unnecessary files is possible even to a person who is not fluent in computers. People who work with computer do not want during PC cleaning to enlist the help of various snails.

As this is a very long and laborious work, which requires special attention. But often, not enough time, and want everything cleared itself.

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The Windows cleanup wizard

The Windows cleanup wizard is a software which is installed on every computer, regardless of software version, which is the removal of temporary and unused file items from the system drive.

Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

This program is chosen by thousands of users who care about the state of their PC.

The Windows cleanup wizard is able to remove all unnecessary and unused system files quickly and efficiently.

To work with the wizard is very easy and understandable.

Simple interface and easy to handle the main advantage of this software. Clean master is a standard Windows program, i.e. it is already available on your computer after you install Windows different versions. And it’s also the positive side of this program.

To begin the work to remove unnecessary file elements You’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. open menu «start» «All programs», «common programs», «utilities», and in the appeared window click «disk Cleanup» ;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  2. after clicking the button «disk cleanup», You should choose the appropriate program in the list. Then a window appears in which You will have to choose the disk you want to clean and click OK;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  3. thereafter, evaluation of the occupied space on the disk. At the end of the assessment window will appear, which will be presented with a list of unused file items. If You agree with the list, then pressing the «OK» button they are removed.

Remove unused programs

On each computer there are software which are not used never. And they fill the space in memory. And along with the memory is full, you start getting problems with the performance of Your PC.

If You delete the program manually, it is still later time, the memory of the PC is inevitable. Because when you uninstall the software, You remove only part of the electronic documents of which it is composed. After its removal, a large part of the data file elements remains.

To remove the software You’ll need to do the following steps:

  1. go to the menu «start» «control panel», «uninstall programs»;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  2. after pressing the button «remove programs» window will appear, with all available PC programs, and are not used You can delete.

Temporary files

Temporary files are electronic documents that are created during installation of various programs, as well as during their operation.

The General data file elements must be created temporarily, and after the removal of the program be deleted automatically. But this does not always happen that way. And often does the opposite. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly clean Your personal computer of unnecessary files.

Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

Delete the temporary file elements you need:

  1. before cleaning your PC You must close any active applications that are possible;
  2. it is recommended to use the command line instead of Explorer for the detection of temporary files;
  3. after the command line will find that You need to permanently remove them, You should press the following key combination Shift+Del.

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

Cleaning the personal computer is able to execute many programs, for example, TuneUp Utilities, Ccleaner, nCleaner second, Glary Utilities, AusLogics BoostSpeed, Revo Uninstaller, Advanced SystemCare Pro. But the clear leader among all the existing programs is Ccleaner, and the number of downloads has already exceeded a thousand.

Personal files

But memory for computers is filled not only temporary or residual files, and personal files. Personal files of almost all programmers should be stored not on the system drive (C), and on the personal drive (D). But not create compressed archives, and in them to store their personal files.

The same knowledgeable people recommend to store various videos, movies and music on external media (e.g. flash drive or CD-ROM).

After all, using this way of storing your personal files, You can protect Your personal computer from the memory is full, as on the system disk and a personal disk, and this leads to slowing of the PC.

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How to clean computer of unnecessary files with Ccleaner

The program is designed to release free space in the PC and delete unused electronic documents by the operating system. This program can be downloaded from the Internet absolutely free. Also it removes all unused files from Your computer correctly and without harm to Your PC.

Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

The advantages of the program Ccleaner:

  • works with both 32 and 64-bit operating systems.
  • cleans Your personal computer quickly and efficiently from temporary, unused and unnecessary files;
  • removes all files independently and without Your intervention;
  • it can be downloaded free from the Internet;
  • relatively light weight;
  • fairly simple software installation.

Now this is how to clean unnecessary files with Ccleaner in stages:

  1. download the software Ccleaner;
  2. next step is to install this program, during the installation, You must accept any license agreements that are required;
  3. then open the program;
  4. after opening You should select «Clearance» in the upper left corner of the window;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  5. the item service will help You remove are not needed and not used files and all the temporary electronic documents, which usually remain after removal of software;
  6. in the next step You will need to click the «Analyze» button, and after that begins the work programme that lies precisely in the detection of temporary and unused electronic documents;
  7. after «Analysis» of Your personal computer, the program will notify You with a pop-up window;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  8. the window that POPs up You will be given the list is not used, the so-called temporary e-documents, which should be systematically removed from the computer;
  9. if after reviewing the list for cleaning You are satisfied, and among the discovered files is not particularly important and necessary, then click «Cleanup» and all unused electronic documents are removed;

    Как очистить ненужные файлы на компьютере

  10. and again, at this stage, the program will notify You about the completion pop-up window;
  11. remove Your PC temporary and unused electronic documents takes only a few seconds. And then Your computer will be much faster to work with.

The result from the cleansing PC memory from unused file items You will see immediately and without delay. The main positive result of purification is the availability of free space on your PC. In second place is already the normalization of the robots of Your PC. And never forget the main rule: clean your computer from unused file elements not less 1 times in 2 weeks!

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