How to clean the computer to not pull in Windows

By | 10.12.2018

How to clean the computer to not pull in Windows

A slow computer irritates most of the users, and some brings to hysteria. However, to solve the problem often can perform simple optimizations.

Get rid of the dust

Dust is one of the main reasons that leads to a decrease in speed of your PC, so it appears to overheat. In some cases, it can cause the computer and more serious damage, causing failure of components.

To avoid problems will allow regular cleaning of the computer from dust and dirt. To do this we recommend a minimum of 2 times per year. In a stationary PC to perform the cleaning procedure, the user may independently without the help of professionals.

We will see how to clean the computer to not slow because of the dust:

  1. to disconnect the power cords;
  2. to open the system unit;
  3. remove the dust using vacuum cleaner, soft brush and compressed air;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  4. remove the cooling system;
  5. to replace the thermal compound;
  6. check and replace if necessary or lubricate the fan;
  7. to install the fan tray in place;
  8. to check the correct connection of all devices;
  9. close the lid and check the operation.

Important. Replacement of heat-conducting interface (thermal paste) is recommended at each brushing, because over time it dries and loses its basic properties, providing the heat.

Check your computer for viruses

Viruses are often the cause of slow performance of a computer. Once in the system, they can cause a variety of harm, for example, delete or encrypt important information. Many of the malicious programs considerably load PC and slow down your system.

Simple recommendations can help you avoid computer viruses.

Consider the main ones:

  • install anti-virus software;
  • regularly download and install OS updates;
  • never download suspicious files;
  • turn regular updating of antivirus databases;
  • use the firewall built into the system beginning with WindowsXP;
  • check all USB drives before opening.

These simple steps will significantly reduce the possibility of virus penetration, but does not give a 100% guarantee. If you suspect that your system may be infected, it is recommended to scan special tools, for example, Sheet Doctor Web.

Consider the basic signs of system intrusion malware:

  1. slow performance;
  2. the appearance of unknown files, or the sudden disappearance of existing ones;
  3. various error messages;
  4. unsolicited advertising;
  5. high CPU / memory usage;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  6. the inability to run task Manager or registry editor.

Council. At the slightest suspicion on a virus scan don’t delay, the sooner treatment is performed, the more chances to save important data and less likely that the virus would cause substantial harm to the system.

Carry out defragmentation

Record on hard disk produced in the first free space to speed up the process. This can cause parts of the file will be located in different parts of the disk is fragmented, which significantly reduces the speed of access to information because the system has to look for it all over the disk.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

Defragmentation arranges the location of the data on the hard drive and helps to increase computer performance.

Consider the procedure for the disk Defragmenter in Windows 7 or XP:

  1. open «My computer»;
  2. select the drive you want to defragment;
  3. in the context menu choose «Properties»;
  4. on the tab «Tools» click «defragment»;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  5. to test using the button «Analysis» and, if necessary, run Defrag.

In Windows 8, by default once a week defragmented. It runs in the background and the user can not see it. If you want to run the optimization process is forced, then it can be done by analogy with other OS from Microsoft.

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Restore system files

In some cases, system files may be lost or damaged. This can happen due to incorrect operation of the program removal, virus, or user actions. But in any case, the system without the files you need may not work properly: slow down and fail. To normalize the OS is built a special recovery tool.

Consider the order of startup restore system files:

  1. run the command prompt with administrator rights;
  2. checking and restoring system files using the command sfc /scannow;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  3. in the case if there was an unrecoverable malfunction, you run the command dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth.

Optimize PC with Glary Utilites

It is convenient to optimize your PC to use the special utilities that allow the process to run even the most inexperienced user. One of them is Glary Utilities. It is a whole set of tools that will help to increase the system speed.

Consider the main features of Glary Utilities:

  • purification system from temporary data;
  • remove programs;
  • the registry cleaning;
  • encrypting important data;
  • optimization of RAM;
  • managing startup and active processes;
  • cleaning the hard disk from junk files.

The application interface makes it easy to perform the optimization of the system, even for inexperienced user. The product is free. It can be freely downloaded from the website of the developer.

Adding RAM

The RAM size has a significant impact on the PC performance. If its volume is insufficient, the system has to store the part used in the job data on the hard disk, which significantly affects the speed.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

Before adding memory, you need to find out which type is compatible with the computer.

This can be done in the following ways:

  • using special tools;
  • referring to the documentation that came with your PC;
  • in appearance and information on the modules.

You should pay attention that the best way to avoid annoying mistakes – the use of documentation.

Before buying the RAM modules, you also need to know how many modules your motherboard and how many of them are free. This will allow you to select the volume of each module during the purchase.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

Recommendation. More stable operation of the system is provided using in the computer memory from the same manufacturer, it is also better to set the trims the same size.

We give the procedure for installing new or replacing existing RAM modules:

  1. to power down the computer;
  2. open the cover of the system unit;
  3. if necessary, remove the old modules;
  4. making sure the correct location to install new planks in the slots;
  5. to check the reliability of fastening and ulitsa that all attachment to the end of the clip;
  6. to close the system unit and check the operation of the PC.

It is important to remember that 32-bit systems cannot work with large amounts of RAM. If you use 4 or more gigabytes of RAM is recommended to switch to a 64-bit version of Windows.

The paging file setting

System in case of lack of space for running applications in RAM uses the so-called virtual memory. For this purpose, the disk is a swap file, in which moves some data from RAM.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

Setting the correct paging file can improve the performance of your computer. The optimal size, which is recommended to be set in the OS settings should be 2-3 times higher than the amount of available physical RAM.

Consider how to perform the paging file setting in Windows 7:

  1. open «system Properties», selecting the appropriate item in the «control Panel»;
  2. consistently choose the following menu items: «advanced system settings» — «Performance» – «Settings» – «Advanced» – «Virtual memory» and click «Edit»;
  3. select the desired disk;
  4. set the switch to «Specify size»;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  5. to specify a maximum and minimum size;
  6. save the settings by clicking first on the button «Ask», then Ok.
  7. To reboot your PC.

In other versions of the operating system to set the virtual memory settings can be similar.

When setting the parameters it is necessary to remember the following tips:

  • the pagefile should be located on the fastest hard disk;
  • the maximum and minimum (initial) size of virtual memory must match.
  • periodic defragmentation will speed up the OS with the paging file.

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There is not enough free disk space and optimize

Normal operation Windowsвозможна only if there is enough free space on the system drive. Recommended left free to about 20%, but not less than 5-10 GB.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows


To free up space on the hard drive can not only deleting any unnecessary files or programs, but after clearing temporary files.

For this there are two ways:

  1. run built-in tools in Windows;
  2. the use of third party tools.

In practice, the built-in OS utility is often ineffective. Therefore, the best option would be to use third-party utilities such as Glary Utilities or CCleaner. They allow you to clean with user-friendly interface quickly and efficiently to free up space from temporary files.

Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

It is worth remembering that the files can reside on disk rather chaotically. The result, over time, the free space remains the same in different parts of the drive, and the speed will fall. Therefore, periodically it is necessary to defragment the disk.

Configuring visual effects

Modern versions of operating systems contain a lot of visual effects to create a more pleasant appearance. At the same time, they all require system resources and reduce performance. Giving up a part of visual effects you can improve the speed of your PC.

Consider how to open the settings window of the visual effects in Windows 7:

  1. open «control Panel»;
  2. select «System»;
  3. go to the tab «Additional parameters»;

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

  4. click «Settings» under «system Performance»;
  5. open the tab «Visual effects».

    Как почистить компьютер чтобы не тормозил в ОС Windows

Delete temporary files

When the computer creates a huge amount of temporary files that not only occupy space but also affect operation of the system, slowing down the speed. Some of these items will be deleted immediately when you close the application, but not all. The problem can be solved by using built-in OS tools or additional utilities.

The most effective cleaning provides a variety of software from third-party manufacturers, designed to improve the performance of PC such as Glary Utilities.

Conducting regular cleaning of debris, removing dust from the computer and performing simple actions to optimize the operation of the user can significantly improve your computer’s performance, and in some cases, even prolong its life.

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