How to choose and change thermal paste for notebook

By | 10.12.2018

How to choose and change thermal paste for notebook

If the laptop for many years, or for some reason the CPU started very quickly heated to the critical temperature at low load, it is a serious occasion to check the status of thermal paste. This material is present between the processor and a device performing the removal generated during operation of the heat – sink, complete with water cooler.

What is thermal paste

Thermal compound is a special multi-component composition having a high conductivity. It is much higher than that of air, allowing to perform cooling of the CPU using thermal paste is extremely effectively – and this is exactly what she needed. Its use is indispensable for maintaining a normal temperature during the operation of the PC.

Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

The composition is applied in the implementation of the Assembly of the computer. The disadvantage of it is that in very prolonged use it begins to lose its properties, necessary for the normal operation of the processor. Which, consequently, leads to the necessity of its replacement. Choosing your CPU paste in the store, we should focus on the products of famous brands.

Select paste

Today in specialized stores presented a composition of this type from various manufacturers. To choose the best among all this variety is quite difficult.

But there are several toothpastes that have proven their worth for quite some time among those who are constantly engaged in the repair of computers:

  • Alsil-3;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  • KPT-8;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  • Cooler Master;
  • Titan Silver Grease.

In its performance all of the above products are similar, different only the price and the number of its in one pack. When testing on identical hardware, the results of all formulations do not differ from each other.

Especially just applied thermal paste domestic origin called Alsil-3 and KPT-8. Its advantage is that its consistency is fluid enough to evenly distribute on the surface, but also sufficiently viscous in order not to spread. To remove it simply should spend on the surface with a dry cloth. So the choice is to stop at these compositions.

General information on the replacement

Replacement part of this type involves a complete disassembly of the computer. Which, respectively, entails a complete loss of guarantee: free repairs will be impossible. So if you have any problems with CPU, do not immediately dismantle the PC case. Perhaps the best option would be to take your laptop to a specialized service center.

It is important to remember that some pastas are made on the basis of metal particles, which is a good conductor. It is therefore necessary to carry out the replacement very carefully, preferably using a thin plastic card, not smearing the tracks and electronic components. A short-circuit may cause damage to the motherboard or other important parts of the PC.

Change thermal paste on CPU of laptop

Replacement part for removing heat on the CPU of the computer must perform as carefully as possible. Since there is always a chance one careless movement to damage anything. This will lead to rather unpleasant consequences. Prepare in advance all necessary.

Video: Test of thermal paste

What you need

For the implementation of the operation in question will require the following items:

  • thermal grease;
  • a dry, soft cloth or rag;
  • stationery knife;
  • Phillips screwdriver with a fine tip;
  • Phillips screwdriver;
  • thermal grease;
  • a vacuum cleaner or a fan.

All of the above items should be prepared in advance. As it is desirable not to interrupt the process of dismantling the laptop. If carrying out this operation does not repair professionally, there is always a chance to forget the sequence of its implementation. The result can stay the extra bolts and parts, which is highly undesirable.

It is important to choose a soft cloth. She will need to remove the old material and gently remove excess new. Eliminated the use of wipes with abrasive properties. The presence of scratches will make the heat ineffective. Also, avoid using rags, which has a large number of pellets and other large particles – they also deteriorate the heat transfer.


Replacing the thermal paste on the processor, the notebook begins with the disassembly of the computer case. This stage is the least responsible, but most long lasting. And yet, in its implementation it is necessary to be very attentive and accurate.

First of all, you must thoroughly clean the device from dust and other foreign matter accumulated over time inside the case.

This is done as follows:

  1. using a screwdriver, removed the battery;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  2. removed the big plastic plate located at the rear of the laptop – attached it with bolt;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  3. after removing the plate you need to Unscrew all of the screws present at the back of the laptop;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  4. removing the back panel, it is necessary as well to remove all the presence there is dust and other debris if it’s there.

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

Cleaning of surfaces

It is very important before applying new thermal paste to remove the old one. Since its presence may significantly reduce the conductivity. This has a negative impact on the work laptop. The removal is carried out by cloth if residues of the composition is sufficient liquid.

If for some reason, clean the heatsink surface and the chip if a swipe fails, you can use other methods:

  • when using the screwdrivers;
  • with the help of the eraser;
  • alcohol.

Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

Using a screwdriver it is not advisable, as there is always a chance that it will come off and damage any «innards» of the PC – this is unacceptable. This method of cleaning should be used only in particularly challenging situations, and only when you remove the paste from the heat sink.

Much more simple and safe method is the dissolution of much of the hardened paste with alcohol. It is important to perform this step with extreme caution. Need after performing such an operation to dry well the motherboard and other surfaces where any way could get the liquid.

Normal office type eraser Koh-I-Nor, the white color will give the opportunity to cope with even the very old and dense paste.

video: replacing the thermal paste

The application of paste

The application of paste should be a uniform layer, its thickness is measured by only a few microns. The qualitative composition of this type must vary a good viscosity – this will allow him to take the necessary form. The application must be executed in a clean plastic card or anything like that.

In any case it is impossible to apply the paste with your finger even on clean hands always have some amount of fat. He has a very poor thermal conductivity, its presence can adversely affect temperatures of the CPU.

The act in question is performed in two stages:

  1. pushing on the tube, apply the thermal grease on one side of the processor;

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

  2. with a credit card or similar object with a thin layer smeared it on the surface of the processor.

    Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

In the end, the old coat must be smooth surface.

Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука


It is important to properly install the heatsink, which is fed heat from the heated CPU. In contact it is necessary to ensure that thermal grease is not squeezed out – this happens when applying an excessively thick layer.

It is important to avoid getting into the body various foreign objects, especially of conducting electricity.

Как выбрать и сменить термопасту для ноутбука

Next, carefully reinstall all previously removed parts in the sequence. All bolts, carefully tighten but not overtighten – this may damage the housing, which is highly undesirable.


Learn what you need thermal grease for processor-specific, on the website of the manufacturer. Often there are specific recommendations for replacement, as well as on the choice of composition. In the production are all kinds of tests and trials. This allows engineers to recommend any specific brand of thermal paste.

The presence of lumps and other extraneous inclusions in the layer deposited on the surface of CPU and heatsink, should be completely excluded. Otherwise, this can lead to layers of air, which will definitely degrade the conductivity. When available it is better to replace the material used on any other.

The use of quality material as a layer between the CPU chip and cooling system can extend its service life, ensure the normal temperature. This opens up great possibilities for overclocking. Controls the state of the thermal paste is mandatory, because when it dries, the CPU may simply fail.

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