How to choose a processor

By | 10.12.2018

How to choose a processor

I will not go in the days of the 486 Intel, they are no longer in fashion (modern smartphones are more powerful), let’s talk about modern processors, of which in our time there is a big range and variety, and even better to know what is meant by these letters and numbers in the marking of processors . So, in the world there are two major, eternal competing firms for the production of processors for computer technology. It is Intel and AMD.

Oh, how many disputes cause these two friends among the adherents of one or the other. What works better is better » chasing «, less heated, and so on. But now not about it. Now that’s about it. As a common man to choose a processor for my future PC, if not more experienced friend. We come to the store, and we OPA — «We’ll put the Core 2 Extreme QX9775 Quad, or AMD Phenom II X4 945,» and what does that tell us Yes about. Therefore, it is necessary to specify a complete marking of the processor.

But in the marking of AMD Phenom II 945 X4 AM3 3.0 GHz 6 MB 125W box or Core 2 Quad Q9505 2.83 Ghz/6MB/1333MHz S775 tray , it is already possible to understand. So AMD Phenom II 945 model name , not much not telling us. X4 suggests that we are dealing with the number of cores is 4 ( by analogy 2,3 ,6,8, etc.). In the classification of Intel Core 2 Duo — two percent of the nuclear, Core 2 Quad — 4 cores, Core i7 — 6 cores Xeon 4 — 6 cores.

The following parameter Socket AM3 or Socket AM2 — tells us about the type of connector of the percent, focusing on this option we select the motherboard and type of memory RAM (DDR3 or DDR2). Same for Intel S 775, S 1156, S1366, s771 , only in terms of the selection of RAM , you need to focus on the processor front side bus (1333MHz,800 MHz ,1066 MHz).

3.0 GHz — processor frequency, the frequency at which each core runs. The same for Intel. The bigger it is , the better the performance of percent.

6 MB last level cache. A cache is a memory with higher speed access, located in the processor and provides great performance. Is the cache 1, 2, 3 levels. In principle, the larger the amount of cache the better and more expensive. The same for Intel.

125W — power dissipation of Prots, suggests that we need a powerful PSU and a good cooler. Similarly Intel.

Box the cooler comes in the kit, tray — cooler must be purchased separately. In this case I can advise to buy a processor labeled box in the cooler selected by the manufacturer , and secondly the warranty period anymore. Similarly Intel.

Regarding the choice of the manufacturer, AMD or Intel, then the question certainly interesting. Personally, I criterion the price/ quality was more impressed with AMD.

Once again, not worth chasing number of cores ( the rich have their quirks), at the moment, two cores are more than enough , it is better to pay attention to clock frequency and bus frequency data processor.

You have questions — ask in the comments.

P. S. If you plan to use a 64 — bit version (Windows 7 64 — bit for example) , check whether the selected processor this technology.

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