How to choose a candy bar for the home

By | 10.12.2018

How to choose candy for the home

In today’s world of constantly evolving technology is becoming more and more every day. The candy bar is an apparatus that combines in one housing the monitor and the computer. It will be the perfect solution for those who want to buy modern hardware and save space.

What it is

Given the small size of most apartments, a block can be a wonderful option for everyone who can’t afford a separate work area for installation a personal computer. Unlike laptops, all-in-ones have a fairly large screen sizes, so much more convenient for home use.

Combining powerful settings, modern computers and at the same time, face in the monitor, one such versatile machine can easily replace many of the equipment:

  • TV (thanks to the built-in TV tuner);
  • the system unit of a personal computer;
  • widescreen monitor;
  • a means of communication with the help of a web camera;
  • multimedia center with multiple interfaces.

You can get it all in one piece, which will fit on any table, and unlike PCs, do not take up much space and will not become a dust collector with a large number of wires.


Unlike laptops, the main advantage of a monoblock is a matrix of the screen. In modern equipment the quality can be comparable to expensive and chic TV. If you choose a device that will be better for the house, it is certainly worthwhile to think about buying a candy bar.

The size of this device in any case not comparable with mobile and portable devices. They reach 15.5 to 27 inches, as modern monitors. In addition, unlike laptops, they are completely silent as it does not contain active cooling. And yet, almost no one laptop is not equipped with such a powerful sound system and will not give you this quality of sound.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

If you decide which device is more suitable for the home and what better than a candy bar or a computer, you should pay attention to several facts. As for the system units of personal vehicles, the advantages of compactness and absence of wires is obvious. If we talk about the price issue, it is almost the same for identical characteristics of the device.

As for the economy, at the expense of the «computer Desk», which, as a rule, is purchased and installed for the system unit, you can save not only space, but also extra money.

Video: review of the MSI AG240

The pros and cons

As with any equipment, monoblocks have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of buying such a device:

  • compactness – the device can be placed anywhere;
  • small size – a little hard to believe, but all-in-ones on space requirements are much smaller tablets;
  • no wires – using the wi-fi adapter, wireless keyboard and mouse, the only cord is the power cable.
  • widescreen display with excellent resolution and large viewing angle;
  • a good sound system complete;
  • the touch screen allows you to manage the system in one motion;
  • nice look of the case and the design, in comparison with the system unit.

Despite the number of technological advantages, there are some disadvantages:

  • the complete lack of upgrade of certain parts;
  • the problem of cooling and the risk of overheating associated with the lack of active ventilation and density of equipment to each other;
  • there is no possibility of connecting an additional hard drive (external only via USB ports).
  • problems with independent repair or replacement of devices (Troubleshooting is possible only through the service center and almost always expensive).

If you are an experienced driver behind the modern technology or an avid gamer might not be worth buying a candy bar. Since replacement parts will become too expensive.

At the same time, if you are looking for a great compact computer that does not take up much space, fits perfectly into any design and will allow you to solve modern problems, such device for you.

Browse candy bar

One of the most famous creators of candy bars is Apple. Their devices have surprised movie lovers with its compactness and performance. At a time when the CIS monoblocks had absolutely everyone knew them only under the name of McIntosh.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

Today, manufacturers of such computers all in one, quite a lot. But among all you can select the ultramodern model. Many of Apple’s competitors, and leading among them, as in mobile technology, Samsung is. The price of such device is two times lower, and in some specifications are superior to popular brands.

One of the best candy bars in many recognized related to Samsung Series 7 AIO 27. The name speaks for itself. Equipment manufacturer is the company Samsung. The size of the device, one of the largest and most popular, is 27 inches.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

As for lovers of aesthetics, this powerful device, running Windows 8.1, containing on-Board 8 GB DDR and an Intel Core i5 is one of the cutest visual.

Of the main differences of the model it is possible to note a good screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, high-capacity storage of 1 TB. Of course, this is not the most powerful device in the range of the company Samsung. However, it is the best combination of good options that are perfect for the job.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

The dimensions of the device is just muah 638.8 x 383 x 39,6 mm. Of additional, but important options worth mentioning:

  • two 10W stereo speakers on the combination of new technology surround sound Dolby Home Theater;
  • built-in video card Radeon HD 7850;
  • 2 connector HDMI;
  • the presence of the DvD player;
  • 2 ports USB 3.0;
  • support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections;
  • good built-in Web camera.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

Considering the Samsung Series 7 AIO 27, not to mention equipment:

  • convenient wireless keyboard;
  • remote control;
  • sensitive enough mouse.

As for the controls using the touchscreen, it works perfect. Supports up to ten simultaneous keystrokes and does not cause any problems. It supports manipulation gestures in the distance.

Selection criteria

Since models and manufacturers of candy bars quite a lot, before choosing a device for yourself, you need to decide for what purpose you buy it: for home or office, games or other tasks.


If you choose the best piece for house to watch movies in good quality, and it is also possible to use it instead of the TV, pay attention to bigger screens.

It is worth considering that the size of the matrix depends on the price of the device. Therefore, if funds for the purchase are limited, consider what you can donate: the characteristics of the device or its size.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

If you choose candy for office work, not worth chasing performance. With the implementation of the main tasks of the Manager can cope is not a top model.

The screen also allows you to save money. If you plan to work with documents, will be enough of a screen size of 21.5 inches, while for graphics design programs, or presentations, need a bigger screen.


Windows 8.1 installed on many machines, great for control and touch screen makes it quite comfortable. However, the device of large size is not too convenient to control from a distance of arm’s reach, especially to keep his hand in the air too, not everyone can.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

The touchscreen technology is energy intensive and therefore generates heat and adds additional problems with the cooling device. In General, if you have the opportunity to donate this option, you can do it without regret.

However, the touch screen is very convenient for carrying out visual presentations and educational programs.


Whatever firm you choose, whatever operating system would not give a preference, the main criterion for the purchase of any computer is performance.

Most modern monolights are equipped with 8Gb of RAM or have the support to expand it to 8.

A performance-based, as you know, is the CPU and GPU. If you choose a gaming computer, pay attention to a good video card-preferably not integrated. Also, it is important the availability of modern processor like the Intel I7.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

However, such characteristics for you would have a problem cooling. So he will have to pay special attention to, as well as material and type of hull. It is advisable to choose a more expensive device with a metal housing in order to avoid overheating.

Hardware capabilities

To save space in the monoblocks uses mobile technology. But not everywhere. Therefore, if you seek maximum performance and are worried about heat dissipation, you can try to replace a normal hard disk to SSD device.

This solution will be able to give a little less noise and lower temperature, while the speed rises. By reducing the internal degrees can deliver more powerful graphics card.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

What would be the fastest didn’t get your candy bar, the hardware capabilities of the computer of the same value will be much higher. This is due to using a mobile graphics processor, which at this time rapidly improved, reaching new speeds, however, until a full card is still not up.

Media center or computer?

Having considered carefully all the advantages and disadvantages of multipurpose computing devices, can select the device at will.

If you need an ergonomic, compact efficient apparatus for entertainment and work, you should stop your choice on the desktop.

Just imagine how much space all the necessary contemporary equipment, such as:

  • TV
  • computer and monitor;
  • a special table;
  • the media hub.

Как выбрать моноблок для дома

And everything is interchangeable one piece, which can be hung on the wall or placed on any shelf.

If you want to improve characteristics of the device, like to work with raster, vector graphics and video processing, as well as to play new games at maximum settings, you only need the system unit with a powerful video card.

How much and which company is better

Considering how much equipment in the house can be replaced with a single monoblock, the cost is quite high. It depends on the model and configuration, may vary from 20 to 300 thousand rubles. The most expensive machines, of course, belongs to the Apple. Their quality is always perfectly, configuration matched at the highest level, and the performance is very impressive.

Video: How to choose a candy bar?

However, it is not inferior to them a world competitor in all mobile technologies as the company Samsung. If you are chasing the prestige of a world famous brand, you should pay attention to them.Equipment prices Samsung twice lower than on Apple, and even lower than Sony. The characteristics can be higher, and the quality of work and productivity does not concede to analogues.

In order to make it easier to navigate in the prices, consider the table of the most popular models in 2015.


Model name

Technical characteristics of the monoblock

Approximate prices

MSI AG240 2PE-041RU 9S6-AE6711-041

  • Intel® Core™ i7-4710HQ 2500МГц (6 MB L2 Cache);
  • operating system Win 8.1;
  • RAM 8192Мб, DDR3L (max 16384Mb);
  • Touch screen 23.6 inch, resolution 1920×1080;
  • led backlight, matte;
  • Hard disk 1000GB;
  • Drive DVD-RW;
  • Weight 9.42 kg and size 425х583х33мм.

From 51,000 to 73,000 roubles depending on picking and place of purchase.

ASUS P1801-T 90PT00I1001980Q

  • processor 1200MHz;
  • operating system Android;
  • RAM 2048Мб, DDR3 1600 MHz;
  • 18.4 inch, 1920×1080
  • touch screen, led backlight, glossy
  • hard drive 32GB;
  • weight 2.4 kg and size 294х466х18мм.

From 18000 to 25000 rubles depending on configuration and place of purchase.

Apple iMac MF886C1H1RU/A

  • Intel® Core™ i7 4000МГц (8 MB L2 Cache);
  • operating system MacOS X;
  • RAM 8192Мб, DDR3 1600 MHz (max 32768Mb);
  • 27дюйм, led backlight, glossy
  • the resolution of 5120×2880;
  • hard drive 3000Гб;
  • no DVD drive;
  • weight 9.54 kg and size 650х516х203мм

213 800 rubles

Lenovo IdeaCentre C560B2-G3254G1TW8K

  • Intel® Pentium G3250T 2800МГц (3 MB Cache L2);
  • operating system Win 8.1;
  • 4096Мб RAM, DDR3 1333MHz (max 8192Mb);
  • 23дюйм, led backlight, Matt;
  • resolution 1920×1080;
  • hard disk 1000GB;
  • drive DVD-RW;
  • weight 6.7 kg and size 564х444х53мм.

34000 – 36000 roubles depending on picking and place of purchase.

Dell XPS One 2720 (2720-7529)

  • Intel® Core™ i5 4440S 2800МГц (6 MB L2 Cache);
  • operating system Win 8.1;
  • RAM 8192Мб, DDR3 1600 MHz (max 16384Mb);
  • 27дюйм, touch screen, led backlight, glossy
  • the resolution of 2560×1440;
  • hard disk 1000GB;
  • the Blu-Ray drive;
  • weight 16kg size and 492х664х78мм.

From 93790 up to 124000 rubles depending on configuration and place of purchase.

HP ENVY All-in-One 23-k301nr K2B39EA

  • Intel® Core™ i7-4790T 2700МГц (8 MB L2 Cache);
  • operating system Win 8.1;
  • 12288Мб RAM, DDR3;
  • 23дюйм, touch screen, led backlight, glossy
  • resolution 1920×1080;
  • hard disk 1000GB;
  • weight 12.12 kg and size 454х559х265мм.

From 75,000 to 80,000 rubles depending on the configuration and location of purchase.

ACER Aspire U5-620 DQ.SUPER.012

  • Intel® Core™ i5 4210M 2600mhz (3MB Cache L2);
  • operating system Win 8.1;
  • 6144Мб RAM, DDR3 (Max 16384Mb);
  • 23дюйм, touch screen, led backlight, glossy
  • resolution 1920×1080;
  • hard disk 1000GB;
  • drive DVD-RW;
  • weight 7.9 kg and size 398х560х35мм.

From 63000 to 75,000 rubles, depending on configuration and place of purchase.

Monoblock is undoubtedly the best choice for home in case you need to buy multiple devices, or location for equipment is limited. Choosing and buying a camera for yourself, decide with its main purpose and use tips. Then you get exactly what you want, and maybe even more.

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