How to check graphics card work on your computer

By | 10.12.2018

How to test the video card on the computer

One of the most important components of any computer, regardless of its type (stationary or laptop), video adapter. As its efficiency depends on the normal functioning of the PC. The video card is responsible for processing graphic information, and outputs it on the monitor.

What settings will check

All video cards have a large number of different parameters. Their analysis allows to check its status.

Many programs allow real-time viewing:

  • the rotational speed of the cooler;
  • the core temperature of the processor;
  • power consumption;
  • the frequency of the bus of data exchange.

It is also very important with special application to check the stability of operation and uniformity of VRAM.

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

Check the video card on your computer you should always begin with a test of the stability of the video. Because this setting affects the functioning of the whole system. To determine which processor is installed in the adapter is very easy – just look at the surface of the Board, there should be a sticker manufacturer. Also in most cases on the processor marked with the name of the manufacturer.

It is very important when testing a well to analyze. So how exactly do they determine the «life expectancy» of the Board.

The mode of operation is directly affected by three factors:

  • the dustiness of the room and the Board;
  • operating temperature inside the system unit;
  • the stability of the supply.

The first two points are directly connected to each other. Because the more dusty the surface of the Board, the more it heats up. Stable power can significantly extend the period of continuous operation. Because power surges can lead to premature release of some electronic component failure.

The invariance of the action, the video card is a very important factor for your video adapter. Especially if it is connected to the monitors, displaying a picture with high resolution. These units can be equipped with both self-and virtual memory. Accordingly, the faster the data exchange is carried out with internal memory.

Video: see what video card is installed


Normally the video card works or not – it can be very easy to check. Stability test operation is performed by many applications. One of the best is Furmark. In addition, this program is used by many manufacturers for testing their equipment. Thus, it will be possible after the test to compare the obtained results with the factory.

For the implementation of the stability testing you need to download and install Furmark. It is relatively small, its installation takes very little time. After installation, you should run it and click in the appeared window button «Burn-in test».

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

Before starting the test, you should close all functioning demanding programs, so the results were the most truthful. Self testing shall be performed at least thirty consecutive minutes.

Completion of the application only two:

  • as a result of successful completion of testing.
  • as a result of a failure during testing.

Regardless of the reason your application is complete, received data is displayed on the screen. This will allow to analyze the behavior of the adapter during testing.

Mode of operation

To check the operation of video is quite simple, it is only necessary to run any graphics test program and observe the temperature regimes. Temperature it allows to tell in which mode operates the subject device: normal or stressful.

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

To verify any program, almost all of them show the temperature of GPU in real-time. You can use an application called Furmark. After running the test the screen displays graphical components, they act as a load on the processor.

Typically, most models of video cards from a normal value of heating up to +700 C. If, during the performance of the test of this option has risen more than 800 S – this is a serious reason to sound the alarm. At 900 you must quickly shut down the test or the computer – to prevent damage to the hardware of the PC.

The invariance of the action

The memory is one of the most important components of the card processing graphic images displayed on the screen. From its quantity and quality directly affects the performance of the entire computer. Therefore, it is periodically necessary to perform testing of graphics memory.

The most simple and easy to use is a program called Video Memory Test. After running you can easily set the necessary settings, after which simply click «Start». Before starting, it is important not to forget to unload the memory of the graphics processor.

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

The results of this test can be viewed in a special journal, it is in automatic mode. Errors can be of various types, but most often they appear due to overheating.

It can occur for a variety of reasons:

  • the surface of the Board covered with dust;
  • oxidized contacts;
  • the card is inserted into the slot completely.

These problems can be fixed manually. Oxidized contacts can easily be cleaned in the usual eraser.

Checking the critical temperature

It is very important check for overheating. Since the power consumption of this component of PK is very large. The consequence is the high temperature that occurs during operation. For each model, the critical temperature of the individual. For example, the models from this famous manufacturer, like Radeon, it can vary by as much as 100, depending on model. For example, the GeForce GTX 780 Ti is a critical value of 950, and GTX 470 – 1050 C.

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

The main sign of an overheated graphics card is the presence of artifacts of various kinds that occur even in the absence of any load. They can be a variety of points or the like. To check the temperature in any program, allowing to carry out diagnostics on the video card. For example, in GPU Temp.

The main and only function of this application is to monitor the temperature of the graphics accelerator. Alternatively, in the program in real time to observe changes of the parameter constantly. Also it is possible to see CPU usage and video memory.

How to test the video card on the computer in AtiTooL

One of the most easy to use and configure applications to verify the video card is AtiTool.

Test this program is as follows:

  • you can install and launch application;
  • all parameters will be set automatically (change is not recommended);
  • you must click the «Show 3D view»;
  • after the appearance of «hairy» cube you should leave your PC for 15 minutes.

    Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

After the specified time, please observe the temperature of the GPU.

It can be very different:

  • less 650С – graphics core in excellent condition;
  • more 850С – you need to check the card for faults.

It is important to monitor the presence of yellow dots. Their number should not exceed 10 PCs. More quantity suggests either overheating or insufficient power supply unit.

If the previous test passes successfully, you can proceed to the next step – verification of the core when the possibility of control of correctness. To do this, click «Scan For Artifacts». Again will appear «hairy» cube, and the app should function for at least 15 minutes.

Как проверить работу видеокарты на компьютере

If after a quarter of an hour no errors are found, the screen will display the following message: «No errors for … sec».

Periodically check the performance of the graphics adapter, this will allow time to identify the problem. Thus, it is possible to avoid irreversible damage to the card, leading to costly repairs or acquire replacements.

Health check card is a great way to avoid unplanned expenditure of funds.

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