How to change password of a router easy and simple

By | 10.12.2018

How to change password of a router easy and simple

Let’s start with the fact that the router can call any network device that allows you to simultaneously connect to the Internet from two and above, «machines». The router can connect computers (PC, laptops, etc.) as using a standard network cable or using wifi.

Why put password?

First, the question is a little bit wrong. Initially each router has its factory default settings, including the password. And if someone came up with a password, he did it knowingly. Access router allows you to change network settings. Any attacker who gains access to Your network, can not only free to use someone else’s Internet, but to view, download, all transmitted over the Network data.

Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

Thus, changing the default (factory) password on the router to something more complex, You will protect yourself from data theft and traffic. It is especially useful to do to people, organizing Wi-Fi networks in cafes, restaurants, etc.

Forgot password — what to do

Each modem can be reset to the default settings. This will not only reset the settings of Your Internet connection, but the password itself. After that, the password must be in one of Your books with the instructions for the router. Typically, the standard passwords like «admin» etc. Below we give instructions for configuring a number of routers, where we shall specify their standard passwords.

Resetting the router

To reset the router necessary when You are unable to access the router. Should be easy to find from the back side of Your receiving and transmitting device that says RESET. Shove in the hole under the inscription a needle or a match and hold 3-5 seconds. The lights on Your modem should turn off. Now the router restarts and when it powers on again, all settings including password will be reset to factory.

Video: how to set password on wifi router TP-LINK

New password

A new password to Your router have to be as complicated as possible. Try not to make the password type a mom’s Birthday, dog’s name, favourite football team and so on. Best password to include letters and numbers that are not associated with each other. Of course, ideally, You can use characters that are not on the keyboard. Enter in any search engine «symbols that are not on the keyboard», and copy them in order to make the password.

For the wireless network

Now let’s learn how to change the password from the Wi Fi on the router. First of all:

  • you need to have a connection to the wireless network. (if it has no password, that’s fine, but if a password is, by default, it is listed on the back of Your device);
  • after in the line of any browser, enter the IP address;
  • then you will need to use a bunch of login and password (factory default settings username is usually admin, but the password is different – password, admin, 1234, etc. (see below));
  • next you need to look for the tab «Wireless network» or Wireless, where to go to settings Wi-Fi (there will be the «encryption Type» (AuthenticationType) where you have to compulsorily select WPA2 — PSK (or something similar). There is also the network name (SSID) and the password phrase (Passphrase, password, etc.));
  • after you save Your settings.

For the router

If you want to understand how to change name and password on your WI Fi router, you must refer to the General version of this procedure. To change the router password and user name, log in to the router at the addresses specified above. Locate the «Security» tab or «Account», enter your old username and password and confirm the new password. It is quite simple.

Setting the password

How to change password on Wi Fi router Уota

So, first charge Your transmitting device. Next, wait half a minute. Open the list of wireless connections, where it should display the unprotected under the name YOTA. Depending on the router model, YOTA network can be password protected. The password for the WiFi (Wi Fi) is listed on the back of the modem.

Make a connection to our network:

  • open Opera (Google Chrome or Mozilla) and enter the IP ;
  • enter data protection — admin/admin;
  • now move on to change settings: select an arbitrary name for the network, select the eight-digit key-password;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • fill in the line «security Type» select WPA2.
  • confirm saving the settings on the corresponding button.

Router D Link

First of all, go to the router itself, then:

  • in Opera or Chrome, select the IP
  • enter data protection — admin/admin (we are in the main menu);
  • selecting the head of the Wi-Fi on the next page, select the Chapter «security Settings» (note the string «encryption Key PSK» and enter a strong password).

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • at the end click on the button «Change».

Router Tp Link

TP Link Kyivstar is a generic name for modems used by the ISP Kyivstar. As usual, first:

  • go to the menu settings of the router to view settings. In Opera (chrome or Mozilla) and enter (I type in the address Enter data protection — admin/admin);
  • press Enter;
  • In the left menu, select the head Wireless Mode. In the first tab in the SSID field configures the name of the Network on an arbitrary (optional);

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • Go to the tab «wireless security» and set a new key-a password at least eight characters. Then, you can set «security Type» setting is WPA2.
  • Save all changes and complete the setting router TP link.

Router Zyxel

If You want to change the password for the router Zyxel Keenetic Start, You need:

  • open Opera or Chrome, where the modem is connected (via a cord);
  • enter the following IP
  • enter data protection is admin/1234. Carefully read the menu on the left side;
  • go to the head of the Wi-Fi and the «Security» tab. There are two most important lines: the Network key (actually, here, and enter the eight-digit password) and «authentication» where to put the WPA2 option, as everywhere else;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • finish configuring the router ZyXEL;
  • save it on the corresponding button.

The configuration of the router Zixel completed. Save it on the corresponding button.

The Asus Router

To implement the router settings ASUS all the same:

  • open Opera (Mozilla or Google Chrome) and type in the address bar value.
  • enter data protection — admin/admin;
  • in the main menu on the left side, review the Chapter «advanced settings» and click the tab «Wireless network»;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • set the WPA type, and in the line «WPA preshared key», select the new eight-digit password;
  • Confirm Your settings and continue.

Change password to the routers of the provider


As a router from your ISP you can use Trednet, D-Link, Huawei.

Proceed to configure them when You connect Your device to computer or connect via Wi-Fi, then:

  • open Opera (Google Chrome or Mozilla) and type the IP on the top.
  • enter data protection — admin/admin;
  • in the menu on the left side is the head Wireless. In it, select the sub-item Security. In the first field, Type the Authentication type WPA-Auto;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • next, type in the PSK value, and below the Auto and in the next line you need to specify the Passphrase that the encryption key of the network – from eight characters and above;
  • in the field below repeat the previously entered password;
  • save your settings the Apply button.


If You have any need to change the settings in Your access key The router, then:

  • go to the menu on the left side in the Chapter «Service», and «Password»;
  • select the new user name and double-confirm the selected access key;
  • enter in Opera (Chrome or Mozilla) is
  • specify data protection — admin/admin;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • to configure the wifi, go to the main menu item «Basic settings»;
  • turn on the Wi-Fi module, a mode – AP, SSID: is the name of Your network (randomly);
  • next, you should set the frequency channel at 2.4 GHz;
  • field authentication that specifies the type of encryption that should be filled with a value WPA2. The key is the password. Select from eight and above characters;
  • confirm and save.

Router from Netgear Dom Ru

To enter the router from the Domra, type in Opera (Chrome or Mozilla) Next You will see a window with information about the connection. The SSID is the name of Your future Wi-Fi key – at least eight-digit Network access.

To log into router Netgear You need to:

  • enter at the top of the Opera (Google Chrome or Mozilla) IP Login and password here is a bunch of admin/password;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • go to Chapter «wireless connection Settings» and you will see a huge list of WI-Fi settings;
  • type an arbitrary name for a Wi-Fi Network settings, security settings, WPA2-PSK (AES) and the string «passphrase», enter any desired value to set the access key to the Wi Fi.


As a router from your ISP Ukrtelecom, you can use the Huawei:

  • open Opera (Chrome or Mozilla) and type in Login — bundle admin/admin;
  • to change them, go to the head of Account which is in Maintenance;

    Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

  • there are four points. Username factory admin Current password (current) – beat it (at factory — admin), the new key and confirm the new key in these lines type the desired eight-digit key to access the modem.

When you change the values of login, when you enter the new key You do not need to confirm the current password to the admin account.


Provider Beeline sets its own branded routers, but wish you can choose/buy any other and use the settings that we described above.

Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

To configure a standard router, do the following:

  • beat in Opera or Mozilla or Bunch to log into the router is admin/admin.
  • click the tab «Wireless network» and the «preshared key» enter the new value of the access key.


MegaFon, as well as the Beeline uses its proprietary routers with logos of “MegaFon” to enter its settings should:

  • at the top in Opera (Google Chrome or Mozilla) to drive the IP;
  • select the login/password is admin/admin (at factory settings);
  • click on the Manage tab in the row settings key type the desired eight-digit value;
  • confirm and save.

Как поменять пароль в роутере легко и просто

So now we know how to configure a particular router from different providers, how to protect our Wi-Fi network and router high quality and reliable password.

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