How to change ip address

By | 10.12.2018

How to change ip address

How to change ip address ? It’s very simple, just let’s see who and what is needed. Who knows why he change the ip address, you can safely skip this part of the article and read further , and who knows — you are welcome.

IP address (ip address) — the Address that specifies the computer on the network (IPv4 address consists of 32 binary bits and can not be repeated throughout a TCP/IP network). The IP address is usually divided into four parts of eight binary digits (one byte); each part is converted to decimal and is separated by a dot, for example

By ip address you can learn a lot about the computer and its owner, from the country of residence and ending with the information contained in the Cookies .

So what is to change the ip address

The most common reason for spoofing ip addresses is banned by ip on some of the web resources . Somewhere at fault on the forum or blog and now You are not allowed to the resource, and You go very well need to get. Or Your ip, there is a ban on the downloading of the content for example are not allowed to download the content to inhabitants of Russia or Ukraine, or is a limit of downloads per ip.

Well, to be honest, the site owner can look at syabya advertising (don’t do such things with Google and Yandex) or to wind the counter. Or maybe You just want to remain anonymous (although complete anonymity on the Internet is a myth). There are certainly more serious reasons , but in the scope of this article and website, they will not be considered , as they are illegal.

In any case , regardless of the reason ip spoofing, do not forget that after each substitution and in front of her, you need to clean cookies in the browser. So I recommend to use a browser different from the main. For example, if You are used to Opera and the main surfing on the Internet happens in it, then the replacement ip, use Mozilla , or Vice versa.

Changing the ip address using the program Mask Surf Pro

Just specify Mask Surf Pro only not free , its cost about 50 $, but in the vastness of our Internet is a working hacked version. So find , download and install the Mask Surf Pro on your computer.

Как поменять ip адрес

This is the main window of the program. In principle everything is transparent and clear. Stop on some points. When you first start, the program will detect the browsers You have installed on the machine, as can be seen with the screen is detected IE, Mozilla and Opera. Further in the field to Apply anonymity to those browsers — put a tick under the browsers who want to make anonymous and click apply.All browsers understand.

Now look in the box of the Country , we need to specify an ip address which countries are we going to use. Click configure and enter in the following tab :

Как поменять ip адрес

Click on the button to the list of countries in a few seconds a list will appear from which to select the desired country. Add them to the list of the selected countries (the field to the right) and press the button to Apply the list of countries.

Field speed Settings set acceptable value , in my case 0.5 Mbps .

It will start working . Now if the user in Muhosranske will use this softinu, the server on which the Web resource, will think that the visitor came from Moscow.

For example, here is my real ip:

Как поменять ip адрес

But unreal:

Как поменять ip адрес

As you can see on the screenshots , actually I live in Ukraine , and now Moldova.

Additionally, the settings of Mask Surf Pro it is possible to use the mode of concealment, where it is possible to choose the operating system version and browser version spoofing .

So use on health . Questions to ask in the comments.

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