How to burn ps2 games

By | 10.12.2018

How to burn ps2 games

I have to say, if You are the owner of a PS2 is not chipped, something about a pirate and in-house drives can be forgotten. Just want to note that not all consoles have the ability to play DVD — RW discs ( the discs creates an increased load on the laser console, and for early models of the PS2 a few seconds work with a DVD — RW that the laser came from the system ) , so they are best avoided altogether.

About to write disks DVD +R or DVD — R . Initially, many consoles loved a DVD — R so I choose minus and have no problems, despite the fact that the latest models work with all types of discs.

It is also with the mind to approach the choice of the manufacturer of the blanks , suggest Verbatim, TDK, Sony, as the quality of the disc affects the service life of the laser in the drive console.

More to the point. Downloadable game, usually the game vylazhivat in the image , or archive ( in this case , it is necessary to unzip archiver 7zip or WinRar’om) , then we get a full image is ready to record. It so happens that in the folder which we have downloaded , there are many archives of images, in this case, choose the first room of the archive , and click extract , all the following will be extracted automatically into the image file.

Consider the main types of images , as well as recommendations for their records. The image format ISO , NRG. perfectly written program ImgBurn. Images CloneCD (usually 3 file extensions .ccd .sub .img) can be written ImgBurn and Alcohol 120% for this, 3 files will need to choose a file with the extension ccd. The images are in isz format. this means that it is made by the program UltraISO and burn it need nurseryware only UltraISO . About the images created by Alcohol 120% are 2 (*mds,*. mdf) or 3 files (*. mdf, *mds, *md0). In the first case, the mds file is written. any program to capture the image, in the second case only Alcohol 120%.

It should be recalled that to write disks in this case, you need at minimum speeds. Yes , there are times when the burning program complains about the file format mds ( supposedly not a known image type ) . This happens in two cases. First, the file extension was initially incorrectly recorded , in this case, you need to rename the mds to ISO. In the second case, you need to update the program to burn discs on a newer version.

My choice is the program ImgBurn, writes perfectly all image formats except the above cases.

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