How to add the menu to «Standard» in the context menu for Windows 8

By | 10.12.2018

How to add the menu to «Standard» in the context menu of Windows 8

Yes, the operating system on which many of us grew up, has been completely redesigned, received a large number of improvements (and some drawbacks). One of the most important and the most discussed of the changes which has undergone the Windows 8 user interface is totally new menu with installed programs along with the removal of the «start»button.

Some call it a step towards the future, while most users think it’s a mistake on the part of Microsoft, and it is impossible not to agree. Of course, the initial screen based on the Metro UI all also allows us to run applications, but other useful menu in previous versions of the OS was readily available (for example, «Standard» and «Office»), not so easy to find. This means that even access to simple tools like the Calculator, «Scissors» or «Defragmentation», you will either have to create a tile to launch them, or find them using the global search feature. Today we will focus on how to bring back menu Accessories in a more accessible place, namely in the context menu. All this is done with a simple registry hack that will add the menu «Standard» in the context menu of Windows 8, called by clicking the right mouse button on the desktop.

To get started, simple download the archive, open it, extract from archive file Accessories.reg, run it, and then, in the dialog box, click on the «Yes» and then the «Ok»button.

Как добавить меню «Стандартные» в контекстное меню Windows 8

That’s all, now opening the context menu, you will see a new Accessories menu with useful shortcuts, including «the Explorer,» «control Panel», «registry Editor», «Notepad», «Scissors», etc.

Как добавить меню «Стандартные» в контекстное меню Windows 8

By the way, this hack is applicable even for Windows 7 and Vista.

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