How long has got Satya Nadella the post of CEO Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

How many have already received Satya Nadella the post of CEO Microsoft

Сколько уже получил Сатья Наделла на посту CEO Microsoft

Satya Nadella has already begun to change the strategy of Microsoft to improve the image and position of the company in the high technology industry. Windows 10 is the new operating system company, which will deliver the integration of all Microsoft platforms from one. The software giant also confirmed that it will not use the brand «Nokia» in future smartphones with Windows Phone, thus, will rely on the brand «Lumia» in their promotion.

The Wall Street Journal published an interesting information that shows what a financial bonus was awarded to Satya Nadella for his work as Director General. Data show that the new CEO of software giant was awarded a cash sum in the amount of $ 84 million. A significant portion of this amount represent Microsoft shares, capital which can only be obtained in 2019.

OF the 84 million $59.2 million Nadella received for the good work of the company on the stock exchange, compared with other companies in the index S&P-500. The rest of the financial remuneration includes an annual bonus of $7.1 million, an additional $3.6 million and wages of $ 919 000$.

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