How in Windows 8.1/10 reset index screenshots

By | 09.12.2018

In Windows 8.1/10 reset index screenshots

Как в Windows 8.1/10 сбросить индекс скриншотов

To create screenshots best using third-party applications, but it can be done and built into Windows 8.1 and 10 tool. Press + PrintScreen and the screenshot will immediately appear in the directory «screen Shots» at C:/Users/UserName/Pictures/Screenshots. The system automatically numbers the images, assigning each a standard name and serial number.

The idea is that if you remove all the old images, the numbering new again must begin with the units, but this will not happen. Unlike third-party tools in Windows, no obvious instruments that would allow to reset the index of the screenshots. And yet, such a reset can be accomplished by editing a single setting in the registry. Open registry editor and expand the following branch:


In the last section you will see a DWORD value ScreenshotIndex. He is responsible for storing the index of screenshots. If you want numbers of on-screen images once again began with 1, respectively, set its value to 1. After you reset, old screenshots will have to delete or move.

If Windows detects in the folder «Pictures» screen, the image with duplicate index, it does not replace it, and will try to record the next number. If he is busy, the system will again try to assign the next number and so on. That’s all. Restart the computer, the settings take effect immediately. This trick works equally well for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

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