How in Windows 7 to uninstall Internet Explorer 7,8,11 and others?

By | 09.12.2018

The deletion of Internet Explorer in Windows 7: 2 best way

Time does not stand still, technology is evolving, updated operating systems, and together with various of its components (software). Together with useful innovations, Windows please its users with new features, but can not deliver us from this totally unnecessary, a rather outdated program called «Internet Explorer».

For example, in the new version of Windows 10 – get rid of the old browser, and proposed to use a new development called «the Microsoft Edge», but what do the users of Windows 7? How to remove Internet Explorer in windows 7 and save your computer from this truly irritating, useless and «Retarded» browser? – This is what we will discuss in this article and consider 2 the best way, how best to do it!

Method # 1 using the control panel

In all Windows operating systems have a control panel where all the most important elements of personalization of the computer, its fine-tuning. To remove the browser using the control panel item called «Programs and features». How to get to him?

  1. Go to «start».
  2. Choose «control Panel».
  3. Then «Programs and features».
  4. As soon as You came to this section, in the left window you can see a section called «View installed updates, go.
  5. In the list of updates, locate the browser, select it, highlight, and on the top menu, click «Delete».
  6. You will see a window informing you that «Running the uninstall updates. It may take a few minutes.» So it is in principle. The program will be removed 5-10 minutes. Then You need to wait for the completion of the removal of the browser, then restart the computer/laptop and surprise, the browser successfully deleted.

Before performing the removal of the browser make sure that the computer was a great alternative to Internet Explorer. Imagine that You removed the only browser that was in Your OS, what to do next? – Is unclear. In this case, will have to find the browser to existing CDs or to ask a friend to «Throw» You some kind of a browser on a USB-stick.

Method # 2 use a special software for thorough removal of software

On the Internet you can find many programs that will help You to thoroughly remove any programs. For example, the most convenient and useful program of this category can be called «IObit Uninstaller». How to use it and to thoroughly uninstall Internet Explorer?

  1. First we need to download the program. It is free and in most cases already activated. No need to buy any keys, or «Hack» software. Download, install, enjoy.
  2. After downloading open the program.
  3. Front of You there is a whole list of absolutely all the installed programs and other system components that can be removed.
  4. In this list, select Internet Explorer.
  5. Next to the name of the program is a mini-shortcut bin, click on it.
  6. The program performs a standard delete.
  7. After the standard removal, the program asks You «do You want to thoroughly remove the program?» — Agree.
  8. Program to remove unwanted software searches Your PC for all browser elements that are not removed by standard cleaning process. These elements can be different files on drive «C» in the folder «Windows«, the registry entries and more.

Using the program and doing a thorough removal of the browser You once and for all get rid of Internet Explorer, it will not «Wag» the eye in every way and to remind myself.

How to remove Internet Explorer from your computer, which way will fit You the most? – You Decide. It is best to perform 2 operations alternately with the first method, and then the second.


In the Internet you can find plenty of various ways to uninstall Internet Explorer, but not all methods are characterized by their simplicity and efficiency. Sometimes you have to «Climb» on various system folders, delete some very strange files. Often, such transactions can have a very adverse way affect the performance of the OS and apply them is not recommended. Why take the risk when there are good alternative ways of solving problems?

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