How Google plans to win over 80% of users of Microsoft Office

By | 10.12.2018

How Google plans to win over 80% of users of Microsoft Office

Ten years have passed from the moment Google announced Google Apps (Docs, Calendar, and other services), declared war on Microsoft Office, which have always dominated in the field of office software. Some analysts expect a significant fall of the market shares of the software giant, but so far this has not happened, partly because of the poor quality of Google apps at first.

But now the company of mountain view is a powerful enemy who has all the necessary resources to thwart the monopoly of Microsoft, as evidenced by positive results in 2014 associated with the penetration of web services and the Google cloud in the corporate segment. However, a positive trend demonstrates and Microsoft. Financial data for the last accounting quarter, the annual growth of cloud services is equal to 114%. Google, however, is confident of its ability to stand up to Microsoft, even announced a plan by which the search giant will be able to win over 80% of users of Microsoft Office, confident in Google.

First, Google wants to convince users that its applications provide 85-90% of the functionality, which can offer Microsoft Office. The remaining 10-15% of the functions, according to statistics allegedly are minor and are very rare.

Second, the company intends to improve support for Office documents. For this purpose, in 2012 Google acquired Quickoffice. The search engine will not seek to convince the company to switch from Microsoft Office to Google Apps. According to the Creator of Android, it is foolish to hope that the company will cease to use Office out of the blue. The aim of Google is to offer its app in addition to those from Microsoft, to allow companies to gradually abandon the expensive Office licenses in favor of a more economical offers from the giant of mountain view.

Also Google will provide online training for users who are not familiar with its applications. This created a community of experienced users who are willing to teach and create tutorials for Google Apps Learning Center. This program is similar to the more prestigious award of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), which is highly valued in certain professional it circles.

In light of the fact that it was announced by Google, Microsoft to release a office Suite for Android and iOS seems to be justified. According to recent estimates, Office for iOS has been downloaded over 80 million times and is a number that confirms the success of the application.

It is obvious that Microsoft is not going to sit idly by, and although Google’s plan seems promising, we’ll see who eventually will win.

: Business Insider

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