How fast will the new Microsoft Spartan browser

By | 10.12.2018

How fast will the new Microsoft browser Spartan

The new platform, Windows 10 includes many improvements and one of the most interesting features of «dozens» connected with the Spartan browser. The application has a high work rate and is based on the latest web technologies and also includes support for voice commands. The new browser is not yet available to users, but the network appears more and more information about its capabilities.

As you know, the Spartan relies on a new version of the Trident engine, which can easily be enabled in Windows 10 Technical Preview in the notorious Internet Explorer. To do this, enter the command «about:flags» into the address bar and activate the option «Еnable Experimental Web Platform Features». Therefore, Internet Explorer will be «masked» by Google Chrome.

Even more interesting is that in the test Octane 2.0 (check the speed of loading javascript code.) show that IE is included with the experimental version of Trident achieves the result in 17 928 points, which is more than the result in Chrome 40, which is gaining 17 474 points in the same test, designed to the word company, Google.

At the same time, the HTML5 tests show that the new engine is much faster and more functional such in IE 11, the results of which are 344 and 339, respectively. Otherwise, the new engine is inferior to its rivals, but shows a significant improvement compared to IE 11.

Насколько быстрым будет новый браузер Microsoft Spartan

It seems that Microsoft have tried to significantly improve the speed of operation Spartan, which promises to be one of its key benefits.

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