How best to choose and buy a MacBook

By | 10.12.2018

How best to choose and buy a MacBook

Apple is engaged in the manufacture and sale of its own laptop called the MacBook. This technique offers outstanding performance parameters, well-designed interface, and high-tech design.

Often it becomes the main reason why consumers stop their attention on these devices.

What it is

MacBook is one of the members of the family laptop PC from Apple. A distinctive feature of this device is the relatively high cost. The cheapest laptop of this type was submitted on 20 December 2008. The latest release was in March 2015, currently presented in San Francisco modification is the most expensive.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

Considering laptops are not only aesthetic appearance, but also performance parameters. The hardware is a step ahead of counterparts from other manufacturers. Also high speed operation is available due to the conservatism of the operating system – use software from strannyh manufacturers is extremely difficult.

The history of the emergence

In 1989 Apple released its first portable PC. It was called Macintosh Portable. Can rightly call him a prototype of the modern laptops from the manufacturer.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

The device had the following performance parameters:

  • CPU frequency: 16 MHz;
  • the amount of memory: 1 MB;
  • hard drive size: 40 MB.

This prototype MacBook, the cost of which amounted to as much as 6 500 $, did not enjoy great popularity. Since the price was pretty high, and performance parameters, even for that time – not the best. The next step towards the production of high-tech laptops have become PowerBook. Series, under that name, is more successful.

The most popular were:

  • PowerBook 170;
  • PowerBookDuo 250;
  • Aluminum PowerBook G4.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

There is also quite a large number of various intermediate models. They all had their advantages and disadvantages. But in fact, remained ordinary gadgets. Everything changed with the transition in architecture from Intel. The real revolution has become ultra-compact laptop with console Air – was implemented in January 2008. Its weight was 1.3 kg, width – 1.9 cm

Modern models

At the moment the most popular are the following models:

  • MacBook Air MD711RU/B;

    Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

  • MacBook Air MD712RU/B;
  • MacBook Air MD760RU/B;
  • MacBook Air MD761RU/B.

All of the above modifications there are with different screen sizes (11.6 and 13.3 inch). The most significant difference between them is the size and type of hard drive. He may be 64, 128 and 256 GB (SSD or conventional).

The latest version is the Pro version. It can be equipped with both the 13 and 15-inch Retina display. Also recently was presented version of the MacBook, equipped with a 12-inch screen. Feature is its thickness (only 13.1 mm) and weight (0.9 kg).

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

For what it’s like and what he invented?

The technique in question has a large number of pros and almost no cons. That’s what makes it so widespread among users in many countries, not just USA.

Laptops of this type are in great demand for the following reason:

  • compact size;
  • light weight;
  • comfortable and functional keyboard;
  • display;
  • durable aluminum housing;
  • interesting design.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

The first thing that catches the eye when looking at devices of this type – compact size. That is why you can without any difficulty carry it with you even on long journeys. And not feel any discomfort. Low weight also contributes to a comfortable carry. Keyboard ergonomic key arrangement enables to use it with maximum convenience.

The display has lots of advantages:

  • it is covered with a special anti-reflective coating;
  • it is not the prints from fingers;
  • the angle is very large.

Durable aluminium casing not only makes the design stylish but also protects the insides of the PC from possible mechanical and other damage.

MacBook can be used to solve a variety of problems.

Its hardware allows to implement different objectives:

  • processing videos and images;
  • to work with text documents;
  • to make surfing the Internet.

If desired, the MacBook can be used for games.

Video: Review Of MacBook

What distinguishes the MacBook from the laptop

Between Makbukom and similar devices from other manufacturers, there are important differences.

They are as follows:

  • brand;
  • design features;
  • exclusive operating system;
  • cost.

On the Assembly line of Apple there is an extremely serious product control. The consequence is a very high quality. The likelihood of any defects almost completely eliminated. Also Apple products difficult to forge.

The design of devices of this type are very peculiar. This is one of the most important features that distinguish them from other such devices. The company is committed to minimalism. All the extra details that have a negative influence on the ergonomics and aesthetics, are simply not available.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

On the technique Apple uses their own, exclusive operating system – Mac OS X. this is the reason that a number of programs from third party developers that can work on the equipment, a small.

The cost of most recent and earlier models is usually expressed as four-digit dollar amounts. There is a lot of debate about prices for equipment from this manufacturer. As when comparing the MacBook with a similar device from another manufacturer the result is not always in favor of Apple.

How to choose

Before purchasing an Apple computer, you need to decide why we need this technique. And then to make a choice. As various modifications have all sorts of features. Each of which allows to facilitate the tasks or a task.

The design of the gadget

The design of most models are similar, therefore, this factor usually has a minimal impact on choice. But the most important difference in appearance for thickness.

It depends on the design of the display:

  • 13-inch gadget OEWG conventional screen – width 24.1 mm;
  • 13-inch gadget OEWG Retina is 18 mm.

    Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

The rest of the design no global differences has not. With the exception of the order and location of the various ports of input-output. The moment is individual, when you select a particular model, the buyer should be guided by practical considerations and their own taste.

The graphics subsystem

The considered technique is rarely used for games. However, the graphics subsystem when you select important.

To date, commercially available models, complete with the following graphics cards:

  • MacBook Air – Intel HD Graphics 5000;

    Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

  • MacBook Pro – Intel Iris Pro Graphics + NVidia Geforce GT 750M 2 GB.

A modification to the Air console is equipped with a weaker graphics card. Despite the poor performance, it is quite able to cope with the video processing, as well as work in different environments that require powerful graphics accelerator. But do not expect HD Graphicsс too much. This modification is suitable for those who work online or text editors.

Computers with the prefix OEWG equipped with a more powerful graphics subsystem. So if the buyer is a professional photographer working in video editing or other such activities, he should stay on the device, with a Geforce GT 750M 2 GB. This card has enough performance to ensure work with professional programs.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

SSD hard drive

Available on the market today the devices are equipped with SSD hard drives SSD. The capacity of them may vary within wide limits.

It all depends on modification of the portable computer and the versions:

  • Air:
  1. 128 GB;
  2. 256 GB;
  3. 512 GB;
  • Pro:
  1. 256 GB;
  2. 512 GB;
  3. 1 TB.

Choose the size hard drive that will be powered by the computer, should based on the objectives for which it is applied. If the gadget is needed for working in the Internet (email, surfing) and a text editor, and for other similar purposes, it will be enough modifications to Air.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

If you must store large amounts of information (video and audio files, disk images), then your choice is better on the Pro model hard drive size 512 GB.

Price and equipment

The most popular versions today are:

  • MacBook Pro MGX 72 Retina 13 EN/A – 79 900 RUB.;

    Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

  • MacBook Air 11 Early MD711RU/B – 59 999 rubles.

    Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

Modification under the designation Pro has the following technical parameters:

  • CPU: Intel core i5 2600 MHz;
  • RAM: 8192 MB;
  • SSD: 128 GB;
  • display diagonal: 13.3″;
  • weight: 1.57 kg;
  • the duration of battery life: 9 hours.

Air is equipped with the following components:

  • CPU: Intel core i5 1400 MHz;
  • RAM: 4000 MB.
  • SSD: 128 GB;
  • screen size – 11.6″;
  • weight: 1.08 kg;
  • the duration of Autonomous work: 9 hours.

Video: Apple Pro Retina

The Advantages Of MacBook

The most important advantages of the gadget in question are:

  • high build quality;
  • small weight and overall dimensions;
  • performance;
  • long work time in Autonomous mode.

All parts fit each other as tightly as possible, which minimizes the likelihood of ingress of dust or anything like that. Small dimensions and low weight make transport as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the special batteries the duration of work in offline mode even with intensive use is usually not less than 9 hours.

Какой лучше выбрать и купить МакБук

The considered technique has a very large number of advantages and practically no drawbacks. What makes it extremely popular among various categories of users: businessmen, students, schoolchildren and other. The disadvantages include the high cost but it is justified in some cases, as the quality of the considered devices is extremely high.

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