Hot processor, what is the cause

By | 10.12.2018

Cool is why

Sometimes it happens that after replacing the thermal paste, or without any apparent reason begins to warm up the processor. This may lead to very unpleasant consequences, personal computer starts to run slowly. It is especially noticeable when you are performing any operations that require large number of resources.

At the first suspicion on overheating it is necessary to install a special diagnostic program that receives temperature data directly from sensors. It is desirable to monitor the CPU and if, during its operation temperature is out of range, need to be mandatory to take action.

Causes of overheating

To determine why the CPU overheats, it is usually not difficult. As there is a fairly limited list of basic reasons for this phenomenon.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

Most often the occurrence of heat due to the presence of some important factors:

  • dust cooler, radiator;
  • lost their quality thermal conductivity thermal grease;
  • there is no normal ventilation;
  • failed capacitors on the circuit Board;
  • were overclocking the CPU.


One of the most frequent problems, which are associated with strong heating of any part your PC, not only the CPU is normal room dust. Working computer accumulates around the charge, the case represents a kind of capacitor. Occurs static electricity, it attracts large amounts of dust, and normal hair. All this is hammered into the grille.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

Over time the amount of dust becomes so large that it begins to interfere with normal heat transfer. As a consequence, a significant increase in the temperature of the CPU. In a separate advanced cases it can warm up to 100 degrees. To cope with such trouble simply.

Incorrectly applied or dried up thermal paste

The reason for unsatisfactory sink may be incorrectly applied or dried up thermal paste at all. This composition is a substance located between the outside of the CPU case and the special radiator. He has a very high coefficient of thermal conductivity. That is why the loss of their properties, crystal CPU begins to warm up.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

To eliminate this phenomenon is quite simple, but it is best not to allow it. This will avoid a variety of troubles – random PC shutdown and restart, or just banal breakage due to overheating.

The lack of good ventilation

Almost all buildings desktop PCs or laptops will be supplied with gratings, through which is given to a natural or by forced hot air. If for some reason this is not happening, then there may be some problems due to overheating.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

The reasons for this phenomenon may be:

  • stop cooler that performs forced ventilation;
  • vents and holes closed (unsuccessfully located the PC case, or simply clogged with dust).

Problems in elements (capacitors) on the Board

Sometimes to understand what the cause of overheating, is quite simple. It is only necessary to inspect the electronic components placed on the motherboard. Often, the increasing temperature is caused by failure of capacitors. To determine their malfunction is quite simple.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

Consider items located on the motherboard, look like bars on two thin legs. With the end of the end of a cross. If there is swelling, it is likely that the capacitor is going to fail or already broken. In this state, its capacity decreases and it begins to heat up. How to check whether it is heated: just gently touch it with your finger.


Very often, many users do the overclocking on your PC. The essence of this operation is to increase the clock speed of the CPU. This can be done through the BIOS, and with the help of specialized software. A side effect of such actions is to increase the temperature of the processor. Sometimes it greatly exceeds the permissible limits.

Video: the Processor is heated

Temperature check

If there are any signs of overheating PC, you must install a special application to check the temperature.

The most popular utilities of this type today are the following:

  • Core Temp;
  • Speed Fan;
  • Real Temp;
  • Hmonitor.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

It is important to remember that these tools does not always reflect accurate information.

In addition, to obtain the necessary data, you can use:

  • gadgets for Windows;
  • BIOS.

The Windows 7 operating system equipped with special widgets, which are usually located on the desktop. One of them is a sensor, which displays the operating temperature of the CPU, and download it. In most cases, obtained in this way information is credible.

Most accurate will be able to display the actual temperature only BIOS. Simply go to the appropriate section. In addition, usually near present similar data regarding the motherboard. But remember – the sensor can sometimes lie. Such devices tend to fail.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

What if the processor is heated

To make the PC work mode normal, to avoid even the chance of overheating, it is necessary to take some appropriate action.

They will relieve the user from the occurrence of various glitches, random restarts and shutdowns:

  • cleaning from dust;
  • extra cooling;
  • replacement of thermal paste;
  • replacement of electronic components on the motherboard.

Dust cleaning

A stationary computer installed in an ordinary room on the floor or even on the table, gathers a very large amount of dust.

To carry out the cleaning process, you will need the following items:

  • Phillips screwdriver;

    Греется процессор, в чем причина

  • vacuum cleaner (ordinary household or USB);
  • brush for drawing.

With a special Phillips screwdriver, disassemble the PC case and inspect the radiator for cooling the CPU. Most often it is located under the cooler, which is bolted.

The cleaning process is performed as follows:

  • the fan is removed;
  • grille with a vacuum cleaner is cleaned from foreign matter;

    Греется процессор, в чем причина

  • remaining after the vacuum cleaner particles brush smachivaetsya;
  • the build process is running.

It is best to clean the product, use a household vacuum cleaner, not USB. Since the latter often has insufficient capacity, and cleaning them is long enough. Which is not very convenient.

Put extra cooling

The overheating problem can be resolved by installing additional cooling. Today, in most computer stores it is possible without any difficulties to buy the necessary devices. The installation process often does not cause problems.

Most modern cases has a seat specifically for the installation of additional coolers. When there is insufficient cooling can just install another fan. Most often, special vent for this is present in the front part of the building, under the power supply. For mounting you will need only 2-4 screws or a screw, screwdriver.

Греется процессор, в чем причина

There is one important point you need to make a cooler PSU and additional worked out of phase. That is one of the fans needs to draw the air and the other throw out. This system most efficiently removes heat from the system unit and the CPU.

Change the thermal paste

During long intense the operation of the PC in most cases thermal grease loses its properties and need to be replaced.

This process is performed in the following way:

  • the housing is opened;
  • using a Phillips screwdriver, Unscrew the cooler;
  • detaches the radiator;
  • the old paste cleaned off using a plastic card (credit, discount or otherwise) – the surface should be mirror-like, unacceptable the presence of remnants of the old paste;

    Греется процессор, в чем причина

  • everything is cleaned with alcohol;
  • to apply the new composition layer with a thickness of 1-2 mm;
  • reassemble in the reverse sequence.

In stores there is quite a large selection of different thermopaste. A compromise quality/price is Alsil-3 – composition of domestic production. You can also use brand-name pastes.

Replacement elements

If the motherboard detected swollen capacitors, you can try to resolder.

This will require:

  • soldering iron-a Hairdryer
  • solder the appropriate type;
  • a pair of tweezers.

Replacement items as follows:

  • with a hair dryer should heat the element;
  • tweezers capacitor is removed;
  • melt the solder again, install the new capacitor – observing proper polarity.

It is mandatory to constantly monitor the temperature of the CPU. And to take corresponding measures at occurrence of malfunctions. Otherwise, the probability of a complete failure of the CPU.

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