HoloLens: up to 5.5 hours of battery life, and other previously unknown details

By | 10.12.2018

HoloLens: up to 5.5 hours of battery life, and other previously unknown details

HoloLens: до 5.5 часов автономной работы и другие ранее неизвестные подробности

Although Microsoft has joined the race for augmented reality later some of its competitors, the company still managed to surprise everyone with his glasses HoloLens. Any developer wishing to test a device that can do it in the Central store, the software giant in new York. That is where app creators can experiment with different tools.

Now Microsoft continues to evade answers to some important questions about HoloLens – when the glasses will go on sale and how much it will cost consumer version. The answers to these questions we are unlikely to get soon, but Bruce Harris, technical Evangelist for Microsoft, shared other not less interesting details, including told, as far as the battery.

At a special event in tel Aviv, Harris explained that the HoloLens work offline for about 2.5 hours under conditions of stress. With moderate use the battery should be enough for 5.5 hours. The glasses are completely wireless and to communicate with other devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Two pairs of glasses can connect with each other and their users can see the same virtual object and interact with it. This device does not have to be close: the function works over the Internet. In addition, according to Harris, any universal app will initially work on HoloLens without any code changes.

Speaking of field of view, Harris said one problem. He compared the use of HoloLens viewing a 15-inch image from a distance of about 60 cm battery life and field of vision will be improved, but we should not expect dramatic improvements.

In the coming months, the holographic goggles from Microsoft will be released to developers in limited quantities and at a price of $ 3,000.

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