HoloLens support streaming games from Xbox One

By | 10.12.2018

HoloLens support streaming games from Xbox One

HoloLens поддерживают трансляцию игр с с Xbox One

Microsoft HoloLens can be considered as one of the most ambitious, interesting, and fantastic inventions of recent years. Back in January of this year, when HoloLens was presented for the first time, it became clear that one of the functions of points will enable you to watch videos in a holographic window with fully customizable size. Now we can look at how it works at this stage.

The author of the first video shows the broadcast of the first-person shooter Halo 5 with Xbox One to HoloLens, whereas in the other two videos show us the game Candy Crush and streaming Netflix in the browser window Edge. Of course, the resolution and quality of the holograms is quite low, but over time this problem will probably be solved.

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