HoloLens news and a demo of the first holographic computer

By | 10.12.2018

HoloLens news and a demo of the first holographic computer

The current developers conference, Microsoft once again talked about his intention to focus on universal apps, HoloLens holographic computer, which the company is trying to make touchable holograms, too, is part of the equation. Apps for Windows 10 will work on it, and the company demonstrated how they will look.

We can say that it is both interesting and quite strange application on the walls, a hologram of a dog on the floor, holograms… everywhere. The device provides a kind of private space, which you can customize as you want. The company even revealed that the «start menu» can also be in the form of holograms, but for control applications you can use voice commands – for example, it is enough to say «follow me» to let the application moved on the path of the user.

HoloLens was presented at the end of January, and its peculiarity lies in the fact that it’s not just a virtual reality device like Oculus Rift goggles in contrast, the HoloLens allows you to simultaneously see the world around you, and more reality. The content in this platform is displayed in the user’s environment and playing Minecraft on the coffee table is one of many examples.

Yesterday evening Microsoft showed ways to use your device in architecture and the training of medical students, proving how useful it can be HoloLens. The company emphasizes the Autonomous nature of the product – no wires, no external cameras, no need for phone as in communication with the computer, because HoloLens is itself a computer.

HoloLens: новости и демо первого голографического компьютера

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