heat the battery when charging the phone

By | 10.12.2018

The battery heats up when charging the phone

There are several reasons for the malfunction, first you need to try to identify them, to make it clear how best to do: what you can change, get something to fix myself, or should I look for assistance to authorized service centers.

Possible causes

There are a number of factors responsible for the high heat of the device.

Let us examine each in more detail:

  1. cheap Chinese machine and, accordingly, low quality battery and charger;
  2. damage to the contacts connecting the charging connector or the phone wire;
  3. great durability of the gadget and as a result, arriving at a useless battery that it’s time to change;
  4. related circuit contacts of the battery and the phone (under the cover);
  5. faulty charger, supplying an excessively high current;
  6. the reason may be that you use the phone while it’s charging.

    Греется аккумулятор при зарядке телефона

Methods to eliminate overheating

If the option of buying a new phone is something you are not satisfied, then you can replace only the battery itself, better with the charger, but first we need to know why the battery heats up when charging, and whether he is to blame.

Also, I must say that the slight heating and is not considered a failure, because even the manufacturer usually specifies in the «user guide» that this «feature» will be accompanied by the owner of the device throughout its operation.

Греется аккумулятор при зарядке телефона

But if you, say, receive a notification from the system that «charging stopped because battery temperature too high», such situation is abnormal and we need to find a solution to it.

So, the phone you have to be warm, and you are going to understand the reasons? Then the following course of action for you.

What can be done:

  • reboot your phone, send it to «reboot» often this simple method helps in many situations.
  • check integrity of all connectors, to see if they contamination, oxide or corrosion;
  • you can find another compatible battery and charger and check does the problem persist when the device is installed a known-good accessories;

    Греется аккумулятор при зарядке телефона

  • visit the webs adjacent the battery terminals while it is installed in the machine, you may need to apply any sealer (a piece of paper, but not foil), to produce sufficient pressure.
  • inspect the battery if it «swelled up» (become swollen at the sides), then 100% of it needs replacement, because it has served its purpose;
  • we must remember, if the «eccentricities» of the cell, after any manipulation with it such as:
    1. flashing;
    2. accessories replacement by cheaper ones;
    3. charging from incompatible devices.

Very important! If the phone is so hot that it is not right to touch, and indeed always, it is impossible to open the lid covering the battery until the phone cools down, since there have been cases when the battery exploded!

The same applies to leakage of chemicals from battery. There is something similar? Then boldly throw everything into the garbage and carefully Packed in a plastic box, as these components are dangerous for the environment.

Still nobody forbids to visit the service center. Of course, there are masters working can ask for repair great price often matching the cost of the device, but only they usually have a consultation or diagnosis is free and you can learn something useful about the cause of failure.

Well first of all if you have time, be sure to find the model of your device on the Internet, on one of the forums where other users of this gadget share experiences from its use.

Video: iPhone 4 heats up

On these sites are the firmware, if they exist, and the information on them. To flash the phone should be when it becomes clear that charging and the battery is nothing to do with the problem that the device is strongly heated lies in the systems software «stuffing».

Whatever it was, and if the device is under warranty, and cannot be used without reasonable fear for their safety, it would be nice to pass it for examination, and if the problem is effective, then you should receive compensation.

And in addition engage in prevention:

  1. do not leave your phone on charging when the power level already shows 100%;
  2. avoid extreme temperatures when take out the camera in the winter the cold keep it from freezing, and is most of the time in the pocket.

Your phone is not some kind of cheap, and expensive flagship? Therefore, it is best to advise not to risk it and take it to an authorized service center, where specialists will determine the exact cost of the repairs and, hopefully, will not you have nothing to deceive and require an extra fee.

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