has Stopped working the sound on my computer

By | 10.12.2018

Stopped working the sound on my computer

The reason for the disappearance of sound can be both software and hardware. If the problem is hardware, then failure of any component.

If the reason for the disappearance of sound lies in the software environment, consequently something needs to be corrected either in the system or in the individual programs.

If you have a bad situation is with the software part, however the quality was not your accessories, audio still will not. Many also ask questions online about why is not working the sound in the headphones on the computer. Causes and solutions as for the speakers, and headphones are almost identical.

First check

Before you bring the computer in for repair, it is necessary to check the cause of failure. If it is software, it can, in principle, to decide.

Volume control

The volume control can be both software and hardware. Software to be in the lower right corner of the screen. If you want to the sound was, the sound image should not be crossed, and slider to not stand on the bottom. How not to be you can see in the picture below.

The sound can be turned off not only in the system, and speakers. There are lots of models that have the slider to adjust the sound (as headphones for computer). Like the slider you can see in the picture below.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

The solution is banal is simple. You just need to wind the sound both in the speakers and in windows xp, or other operating systems.

The physical connection of the devices audio output

The sound may be lost due to the fact that speakers or headphones are not connected to the network or computer. Check whether the plug inserted in the audio output of a personal computer, and the plug from the speakers into the socket.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

If this does not help the above tips, and in 90% of cases they help, suggest to check the speakers with other laptops or computers. If so play through them something has failed, then speakers it’s time to either dump or repair. Here you have to decide.

Configuring audio settings

The Windows 7 user can access the settings of the audio settings in several ways, but the simplest way we describe below.

  1. go to «start»;
  2. select «Settings»;
  3. go to «control Panel»;
  4. select the tab «Sound».

After doing the above, the screen window appears containing a list of audio devices. The photo below displays just one device, in your case, there may be several.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

If the device is working properly, you will realize that the green check mark and the word «Running» beside it. Otherwise, you need to reinstall the device driver

For windows xp user the procedure is as follows:

  1. go to «start»;
  2. select «settings»;
  3. go to «control Panel»;
  4. click on «Sounds and audio devices»;
  5. Next, go to the tab «Audio» and make sure that the device identified and selected correctly;

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

  6. 3аходим tab «Volume» and see that no check mark next to «mute». The mixer volume must be above zero.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

If the above settings everything right, did everything according to instructions, but the sound does not appear, then read the article further.

If you start the Windows Audio service

Find the Windows Audio service is quite difficult even for users of Windows 8.

Follow the sections in this order:

  1. start;
  2. setting;
  3. control panel;
  4. administration;
  5. services;
  6. You will see a window with the different Windows services. Our task is to find the service «Windows Audio».

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

If you have everything as in the photo above, that is, the service «Works» and be in «Auto» mode, but the sound still does not work, then the problem is not this. If something is wrong, then you need to turn it on. For this click on Windows Audio, right-click, and click Properties.

There exhibited the following parameters:

  • startup type set to automatic.
  • click «start» or «Run»;
  • click «Apply» or «OK».

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

The setting in the BIOS

If you have tried all of the above, but have not figured out why the sound disappeared, it is likely that the problem lies in the BIOS, that is somehow the work of the sound card was turned off directly in the settings of the motherboard. What to do next? Below are all painted.

Video: Lost sound on computer

For starters, this BIOS should go. Here’s how:

  1. without waiting for the computer to fully boot, periodically press the Del button. Consider the fact that on some motherboards to enter BIOS is configured F12, F10, or F2;
  2. among the list of devices, locate your sound card and see what would next to it was written «Enable».

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

The problem is in the speakers

If all the above doesn’t help, then the problem is 100% software, that is either broken speakers, or sound card. Check whether they. In most cases, the led should be on, indicating that column is enabled.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

As mentioned above, try connecting the speakers to another computer. If the playback sound happens, then broke the column.

Sound driver

The lack of a sound driver is also a common cause of lost sound on the computer.

In order to check the relevance of the drivers and the ability to upgrade, you need to:

  1. go to «start»;
  2. go to «Settings»;
  3. enter the «control Panel»;

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

  4. to choose the sub «System»;

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

  1. open the tab «Equipment»;
  2. go to «device Manager»;
  3. find in the list «Sound, video and game devices».

    Перестал работать звук на компьютере

If the audio driver installed correctly, nothing unusual there, you won’t notice.

If, however, the audio device have an exclamation point means the drivers are either not present or they do not work correctly. Either search the Internet for your driver, or right-click on it and update.

Hardware failure of the sound card

If after reinstalling the sound drivers did not appear, so the problem in the sound card. Most likely, she’s just out of order. In order not to spend extra money on a new Board, I advise you to consult with a specialist. He will examine your computer and tell you need to buy a new one or the old is still usable.

Перестал работать звук на компьютере

Replacement sound card should do as well specialist, because most likely you have no need for this equipment.

As you can see, the sound problems are most often software than hardware. If you return the audio itself does not work, refer to the experts.

Do not attempt to change your sound card can damage motherboard, which is ten times more expensive than motherboard audio. But in 90% of cases failure of the software, the above tips should help.

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