Hard disk. Questions and answers

By | 10.12.2018

Hard disk. Questions and answers

Hard drives can be internal or external with different physical dimensions and capacity.

Hard disks are the best storage devices, but You have to remember that hard drives fail and need to be concerned about the safety of Your information by copying the information to other media.

What is the difference between IDE and SATA hard drive?

The first thing you notice is the front end of the train. SATA drives have one cable with a small connector and IDE drives one cable with two flat connectors that can connect two hard drives:

SATA hard drives have a higher data transfer rate. If You will be buying a SATA hard drive check the SATA connectors on Your motherboard. There are SSD (solid state drive) hard drives with no moving parts. They are more expensive than IDE or SATA drives, but are more reliable and high speed.

How often you need to defragment?

It all depends on what You do with the hard drive. If You constantly add and delete a lot of data, defragmentation is desirable to do 1 once a month. If You are so frequently add and delete files from the hard disk, defragmentation can be carried out 1 time in half a year. Before conducting defragmentation to perform the analysis, which will indicate whether to perform the defragmentation. To run Defrag go to START -> PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES -> system tools -> disk Defragmenter:

How to diagnose a hard disk?

Diagnostics hard drive can hold using the utility MHDD.

How to divide hard disk into C: and D:?

To create partitions on the hard disk during the installation of the Windows operating system. The Windows installer will offer You to share and create partitions on your hard disk, then those partitions to format. But if You want to partition the hard disk to already installed Windows, You’ll need additional software. For Example Acronis Disk Director Suite. Download the trial version for 30 days on the site www.acronis.ru. The program has a simple and intuitive interface.

What is best to choose a hard drive?

When choosing a hard drive, pay attention to the following:

— hard drive interface. Is IDE or SATA. The main thing that Your motherboard should support an interface purchased hard drive.

— the power cord. Check for loose power cable for the hard drive. Power cable for hard disk SATA is different from IDE. May require a special adapter for the power cable hard drive SATA.

— the capacity of the hard disk. If You have an older motherboard, large amounts of hard drives, it just will not determine. You should check what maximum hard drive capacity supported by Your motherboard. It can be viewed on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard.

— manufacturer of the hard drive. It is recommended to buy hard drives manufacturers SEAGATE, WESTERN DIGITAL.

For more information on how to choose a hard disk, see the post How to choose a hard drive

Have deleted a necessary file from the recycle bin. How to restore?

To restore a deleted file immediately after the deletion because the file can be overwritten. With the help of special programs to recover deleted files can recover deleted file. You can use the program Recuva.

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