happy New year 2016, dear readers!

By | 10.12.2018

2016 happy New year, dear readers!

С наступающим Новым 2016 годом, дорогие читатели!

Hi all! This is the last post in this year and through him I wish to convey my best wishes and sincere greetings with the upcoming holiday.

First, I want to thank you all for what you have come to the site, read and commented on throughout the year. 2015 has been incredible in terms of growth of attendance of WindowsTips. Thank you! Thank you so much!

For 2016 I have planned some changes. I’m not ready to share them, because now it is just a plan, which, alas, can not be realized. But next year I’m gonna do a site redesign, so it looked and worked equally well on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to high-resolution displays.

I’ll be back with new articles at the beginning of January, and until then I want to relax, enjoy a winter vacation and spend time with family and friends.

Dear readers, and just occasional guests, I wish you success both personal and professional plan, I wish you health, endless occasions for smiles and laughter, prosperity and true life satisfaction.

Happy New Year and Christmas, friends!

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