guide to creating a presentation in Microsoft Power Point

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How to create a presentation in Microsoft Power Point

Quite often during a presentation or report, a presentation of a new program or product, there is a need to visualize before the public some information. The most popular program for this is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 environment to create presentations with different effects. Now virtually any event such as seminar, conference, graduation is not complete without graphics support, created in Power Point. The development of technology allowed us to reproduce not only the presentation on the computer screen or television, and on interactive whiteboards and projectors.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Review Power Point

To make a presentation on the computer is not the only feature in Microsoft Power Point. With this program possible:

  • to impress the audience informative presentation;
  • create graphical support for targeted traffic;
  • to scale the slides, increasing or decreasing the desired area;
  • quickly switch slides-in automatic and manual mode;
  • execute unique graphic support for the report;
  • to use and / or developed by the manufacturer of the program theme and design;
  • quickly and easily create the desired charts, graphs, etc.;
  • add a variety of visual and sound effects.

Video: cases presentation

Components of the presentation

The presentation consists of slides, whose number is practically unlimited. They have consistently collected into a single file with the extension «.ppt,» which opens on any computer that has Microsoft Power Point.

Slides can be with the electronic media, and can be printed on paper.

The slides can accommodate everything you need to demonstrate:

  • text information;
  • photos, pictures, drawings, etc.;
  • tables, graphs, charts;
  • videos, movies, clips;
  • audio files;
  • other graphic objects.

Slides in Power Point you can configure and modify:

  • size;
  • layout (location of objects);
  • the template (layout and design);
  • visual and audio transition effects.

The initial editor window in the program as follows:

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

In the line Menu contains all important commands, and the toolbar is rendered basic and frequently used options. This panel can be edited by adding or removing certain elements. Clicking on the «new slide» on the screen to appear blank template on which to work.

The left pane displays all the slides that comprise the presentation. They can be in the form of miniature copies, and can be displayed in structured text, displaying the headers or content of the slide. Also in this panel, you can move and swap the location of the slides. On the task pane (located to the right) will display actions you can use in the process of creating the show. At the bottom of the screen there is a Notes area where you can enter all comments to the generated slide that is seen only in the process of working on the presentation.

All area on the screen you can increase or decrease by pointing to their line endings.

How to make your presentation step by step

Create a presentation for interactive boards is possible in several ways:

  1. to develop a completely new presentation;
  2. from standard or previously made template.
  3. from a ready file;
  4. from the wizard of avtotehna.

If we consider more, in a new demonstration of the need to do all the layout, styles, fonts, etc. remaking the ready-made presentations will give in the end a unique product. The select template is similar to the previous method and allows you to use ready-made graphics and designs from the creators of the program. Using the wizard «Avtotehna», the program will ask You questions, and based on the answers will create the right presentation template.

The beginning of the creation

To start creating a slideshow, you must open the desired program.

This can be done through:

  • Start;
  • Program;
  • Microsoft Office;
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.

In the open program will appear window where you can select one of the previously listed methods, create a slide show.

Video: Presentation in Power Point 2007

Do the pattern

You can create a beautiful presentation with a large number of templates Power Point. They include a finished, in terms of design, the slides where you want to insert. In the design of the templates is taken into account:

  • Background color;
  • The color scheme of the slide;
  • Fonts etc.

To create a slide show from a template is possible via the menu:

  • File;
  • Create;
  • To create a presentation;
  • Templates.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Choose the desired template and click «Create». In the work pane displays the selected slide style, which can be edited.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Download slides

To create a new slide, click on the corresponding toolbar button. You can also do this by pressing the right mouse button on the thumbnail of the slide in the window on the left, selecting the same command.

The structure of the presentation, you can copy or delete slides if they are highlight and click the appropriate buttons on the keypad. Or via menu with the right mouse button when clicking on the slide.

Also slides can be interchanged:

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

To change the layout of the finished slide is possible through:

  • Main;
  • Layout.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

In special fields on the slide entering text. In the slide layout place under the text is already highlighted automatically, but you can also add it to other places through the control panel «Insert-words». In the box that appears, type the text.

The size of the input field will expand as you add text. To finish the entry by clicking on any blank area of the slide.

Insert picture or your picture, you can using command:

  • Insert;
  • Figure.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Or by clicking on the picture in the slide layout:

In the opened window select the desired file location and the image, and then click «Paste». If you select «Clip», you will be prompted to find the image among the standard images of the program.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Any field on the slide can be moved and resized.

To do this:

  • click once on the desired object:
  • then put the cursor on its border – an option change.

In the slide you can add sound, video, tables, graphs, charts, and AutoShapes. Their buttons are in the working area of the slide and in the menu «Insert». Variants of each object is quite a lot, and the available design Microsoft Power Point gives you the ability to understand them.

New design

To change the design of the website through the menu:

  • Design;
  • Theme.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

It has the following subsections:

  • Color;
  • Fonts;
  • Effects.

You can apply the selected theme to the entire show and individual slide. The color scheme in the framework of specific themes may also change. To do this, click the appropriate box in the design area. Select the schema and click the right mouse button, or applying it to the entire presentation, or to a selected slide: the Background can make your image or fill:

  1. Design;
  2. The background styles;
  3. Format background.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

In this window you can select the fill type:

  1. Solid;
  2. Gradient (a smooth transition from one color to another);
  3. Pattern or texture.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Text formatting is an important step in creating a slide show. From the readability of the test depends very much.

To edit should be:

  • to highlight a piece of text;
  • continue to use the tools on the main taskbar.

By default, each new line in the text is perceived as a bulleted list. This is changed via the toolbar. Power Point also contains buttons to set special effects, text direction, spacing between lines, etc. When allocating the working area of the slide graphic images on the toolbar to see the tab «picture tools».

There you can change:

  • Brightness;
  • Contrast;
  • The display style;
  • Color;
  • Size.

Video: Presentation in 10 minutes


Filled with information slides, it is desirable to give a beautiful rendering. This is done using the «animations» task pane «slide Design». From a large list of effects you can choose any for each object on the slide. Then during the demonstration, they will beautifully appear on the screen. One effect is superimposed on one slide, but you can click «apply to all slides» and it will be on all slides in the presentation.

You can also customize the animations for each object on a slide:

  • select it and click the right mouse button, selecting «custom animation»;
  • or go to the menu item «Animations» — «custom animation».

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Then will appear on the right side panel, where each object to add an individual effect and also adjust the speed, sound and appearance.

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Add transitions

The transition used when switching from one site to another. A new slide may appear immediately or gradually. The gradual emergence makes the presentation more beautiful and interesting.

To customize transition you need to select the slide and go to:

  • Animation;
  • Custom animation:

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

  • Then choose any transition effect, sound to it and the speed of the process. Also configured automatic failover (then sets its time) and with one click of the mouse. The transition can be done for each slide separately and can be configured for the entire presentation.

The end

At the end of the presentation you want to set the slide show to avoid unpleasant moments during the performance. This is done in the «slide Show» — «setting the demonstration»:

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Here, you specify all the basic parameters of the show:

  • Control slides;
  • Slide transitions;
  • Slide numbers.

Also in the menu «slide Show» you can hide slides that are temporarily not needed for display, but which cannot be deleted.

To view the finished work by clicking on the button «start»:

Инструкция по созданию презентации в Microsoft Power Point

Save the presentation using the save icon at the top of the window and go PowerPoint:

  1. Save as…;
  2. To choose the saving location
  3. Write the title of the work;
  4. Save.

Microsoft Power Point – an affordable and simple program for creating presentations on the computer. A lot of visual effects and skins will allow in the fastest possible time to create an original and unique presentation for your public speaking or school assignments.

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