Google speaks out against devices with two operating systems

By | 10.12.2018

Google is against devices with two operating systems

Quick and easy switching between the two operating systems (Android and Windows) is a great idea that was successfully implemented by Asus in Transformer Book Duet (TD300). The idea is wonderful, but not for Google, which is extremely pleased that its operating system will coexist with the one from Microsoft. At least, so says the publication DigiTimes (sometimes this turns out to be right, and sometimes not).

The publication writes that Google has a lot of pressure on Asus and requires the manufacturer to delay the launch TD300. DigiTimes adds that other manufacturers also intend to refuse plans on release of products running the two operating systems.

The new hybrid tablet from Asus was showcased at CES 2014 and is one of the few devices of this type, which when running can load Windows or Android on the user’s choice. Transformer Book Duet TD300 uses a new processor Intel Bay Trail based x86. Currently, the chips from Intel are the only ones that support both Windows and Android.

Google выступает против устройств с двумя операционными системамиGoogle выступает против устройств с двумя операционными системами

From a business point of view, the position of Google for this type of device is justified. The market share of Android tablets last year for the first time surpassed the competition from Apple and the upward trend continues in this year. From the appearance of devices like the Asus TD300, mainly benefited Microsoft because in this way the company can increase its presence in the tablet market – a niche in which Windows devices have been unable to succeed.

Intel also could benefit from devices that operate with two operating systems. When it comes to working with Android, Intel chips are inferior to the alternatives based on the ARM architecture. At the same time, Google doesn’t have business motivations for promoting such devices, so basically the company is just not profitable.

The main loser because of the feud between Google and Microsoft in this case is Asus. Transformer Book Duet TD300 is an interesting proposal with a relatively unique functionality, which may be doomed to failure if the release device is significantly delayed.

We must not forget that this is unofficial information, and, therefore, we should take it with some skepticism.

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