Google+ Local: what is the feature of the new service

By | 10.12.2018

The new service from Google+ Addresses

Google vengeance shows off a new product called Zagat, which was recently bought. It will help the company to introduce its social networking service Google+ is a new extension called Address, or Google+ Local. This service will operate is already well-established project called Google Places on the map.

The Zagat evaluation system will replace Google Places, which previously exhibited ratings of five stars. Today this system of assessment is deprecated.

Google+ Адреса: в чем особенность нового сервиса

Exactly what the Corporation has bought Zagat, was the final step towards the beginning of the Google+ Address. On the novelty programmers worked for about a year.

Zagat allows you to analyze data, processing surveys, surveys, and interviews of consumers. From now on, the Zagat rating will be available in network+ Addresses.

Users will be able to put points of different institutions in a scale from one to thirty. Zagat allows to rate not only actual service but also its most important components. For example, when evaluating the restaurant, you can individually speak about his food, staff, interior and so on. Thus the result will be the most accurate rating.

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