Google is creating a music website

By | 10.12.2018

Google is creating a music website

Well-known search engine Google will soon be bringing to all fans and users of its new service, where you can listen to music. Unfortunately, the program is still not finalized, but at the moment a lot of social networking has concluded agreements with different labels. Besides, it is not entirely clear, some of the details of transactions, because the labels put forward their different conditions.

Google создает музыкальный сайт

Nowadays there are only a few companies, this ensures 100% income from own records.

New Google project is being developed virtually from scratch, and this means that he will need to attract visitors. Than more on the website, the more you will get social network.

But even despite a number of unresolved issues, many labels have already signed contracts with the start of the company. One thing is for sure: it will be able to download music, but not all. Some of the tracks will be protected from download. The project will be created in order that he could compete with others like him. Will be able to subscribe to the site for several months and even a year in advance.

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