Google creates a smartphone with additional functionality for YouTube

By | 10.12.2018

Google is considering the creation of a smartphone with additional functionality for YouTube

Google sees great potential in the development of the most popular video service in the field of hardware. The company began to study the attitude of consumers to create a smartphone which is specially optimized for viewing YouTube. Some of them were asked to fill out a questionnaire to Express their opinion about as quick and easy to use the upcoming device. If this project is implemented, it will be the first smartphone from Google, which does not carry the name Nexus or Pixel.

Google создаст смартфон с дополнительными функциями для YouTube

According to reports, the company also tested the additional functionality that turns to open and run videos on YouTube in the most fun task. One of the ideas Google is called «You Twist» and allows when you use a smartphone in landscape mode to see a list of videos that the service recommends based on previous activity. The second new feature of the device is called «You Capture» and works with the hardware button that activates the clip, which you share in your profile.

Potential owners of the device will be able to create short video stories with the name of the Creator Contect, such as work Instagram Stories. This content will be displayed as a priority on the home screen of your smartphone. Only need one click on the button to start the stream in real time on YouTube. Let’s see what is the opinion of users and whether they will accept positively the premiere smartphone YouTube Edition on Android.

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