Google Chrome will get a functional virus

By | 10.12.2018

Google Chrome will get the basic antivirus features

Google has announced on its website about the implementation of the Chrome browser the new features, which will protect the user from malware.

There, among other things, a tool that detects changes in browser settings made external extensions. For example, if a malicious plugin will replace your search engine to another, Chrome will notify the user and offer to revert to the previous settings. You will also be able to disable the suspicious plug-ins.

There is also a feature that detects unwanted programs that were installed, for example, bundled with another application. This type of solution is very often adversely affect the operation of the browser.

Google Chrome получит функционал антивируса

Chrome Cleanup, is the name of this function will inform the user when it detects unwanted software. Will be offered the option of deleting and blocking. I should add that the scanning engine was developed in partnership with the antivirus company ESET.

However, it should be borne in mind that Chrome Cleanup block and remove only those plugins which do not coincide with the company’s policy against unwanted software. It does not replace traditional anti-virus, but supports his work.

The above functions will be implemented in the next few days in the Google Chrome browser for Windows.

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