Google blocks access to Google Maps for Windows Phone

By | 10.12.2018

Google blocks access to Google Maps for Windows Phone

Restricting access to mobile maps is the latest incident in an undeclared war that Google is waging against the mobile operating system from Microsoft. As we have noted, Google has officially stated that it plans to release their apps for competing operating system. In addition, from January 30 to Windows Phone users no longer have access to Gmail via ActiveSync – so can’t sync calendar and contacts with Google service. In recent days, erupted scandal YouTube weird Google policy regarding the use of video hosting competitor from Redmond.

Google announced that the web version of Google Maps is optimized for browsers based on WebKit – Chrome and Safari. And posolku Internet Explorer is not included in the number of browsers and devices with Windows Phone can’t access the maps. But actually it is not so. The mobile version of IE in Windows Phone 8 uses the same rendering technology as Internet Explorer in Windows 8. This suggests that Google intentionally blocked the access to the service and the reason lies not only in the browser.

Meanwhile, the search giant has realized his mistake when the scandal blew, and the company was on the dark side. A Google spokesperson told The Next Web that redirect users Windows Phone 8 on the main page will soon be discontinued. According to the company, IE in WP7 works with maps are not good enough – this was the reason for activation redirect. Similar measures were taken for other browsers, including Opera for the iPad.

: WPCentral, The Next Web

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