Google and Microsoft have agreed to end their five-year patent dispute

By | 10.12.2018

Google and Microsoft have agreed to end their five-year patent dispute

Google и Microsoft условились прекратить свой пятилетний патентный спор

Microsoft much has changed when Satya Nadella took over the management of the company. Now he made a bid for a more moderate approach in resolving patent disputes with other major brands, such as Google.

At the present time between the awarding of software and the search giant has more than 20 reported cases, both in the United States and on the European continent, which undoubtedly contribute to their strained relationship. However, both companies were able to reach an agreement that will put an end to their patent war, according to Bloomberg.

Their long legal Saga began five years ago when Microsoft sued Motorola when it was still part of Google. Under the agreement, both companies drop all charges and agree to cooperate in the development of future technologies. Recall that the dispute between them covers a region associated with the design of smartphones and tablets, Wi-Fi technology, audio and video, and many others.

Information about the financial side of the transaction are kept secret, but we hope that it will be beneficial not only for companies themselves but also for their millions of users. Perhaps now will finally premiere the official YouTube app developed by Google specifically for Windows devices.

In conclusion that Microsoft will continue to earn revenue from leading Android manufacturers for licensing its unique technologies.

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