goodbye, Windows XP!

By | 11.12.2018

Goodbye, Windows XP!

If the 8 of April, you will hear the triumphant shouts of, don’t be surprised. It will be the joyous cries of the Directors of Microsoft, celebrating the achievement, which for many years seemed impossible: the overthrow of the powerful Windows XP operating system.

In the computer environment, XP has gained the reputation of a real zombie: a platform that Microsoft can’t kill, despite great efforts. Released in 2001, this operating system is still installed on a third of all computers in the world. Only «seven» (which was released in 2009) has managed to change the picture, and now it is present in almost half of the PC. But even that is not satisfied with the software giant, who would prefer that people used the new Windows 8.1.

When will come the 8th of April, of course, Directors will celebrate because on this day, Microsoft will finally stop supporting XP. Along with that this operating system will become even more obsessed with hackers and creators of viruses/malware. They will use her vulnerability, whose number will increase sharply once Microsoft stops releasing regular security updates. At least that is the picture we draw the company itself. However, it is highly doubtful that zombies will actually become so unpredictable and dangerous for users.

But the XP have sinned in the eyes of Microsoft?

The problem is that Windows is too popular. Its successor, Windows Vista, appeared six years later. All this time new computers were sold preloaded with XP, and until January 2006 was already sold 400 million copies. The process coincided with a new «explosion» of sales of desktop computers, this means that for many people XP was the first operating system.

People quickly got used to the interface, and the machine with Windows XP was quite stable. Accordingly, a lot of companies and businessmen not only want to spend money to replace computers that work, but do not wish to retrain their staff to work with the new system. Do not help and IT specialists. For example, the Internet community Spiceworks says that 76% of IT consultants are still using XP on at least one of their computers. In General, people don’t like change.

What’s next?

Really nothing special, at least for a while. Windows XP will still be present on your users ‘ computers and even will continue to benefit from some support from the Microsoft company acknowledged that, contrary to the stop automatic updates, the fight against hackers and viruses will continue through April 15, 2015 for those looking For an alternative, there are enough solutions. You can, for example, to go to the Apple or to choose the operating system to open source Linux… or just upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

It is clear that in the dreams of Microsoft, they have created a monster already dead, but you do not think that talking about the death of XP is too exaggerated?

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