Gogetlinks: slow death Donar site

Starting to post links to their sites, especially for getting them decent at the reference standards money you soar in the sky, thinking that the world is at your feet. At first, you write the article and believe that the reference in quality content will save your site from search engine penalties.

However, sooner or later your sites begin to sink significantly in the search. You can not understand what is happening, as that posted on the website simply links ruin your site. Only after a while, when the site will be deprived of the indicators come under the ACS and stop making money, you will realize that the culprit links, but it’s too late.

But if you’re lucky and you will begin to see clearly before, removing the links you will see how the site thrives on the eyes. Deprived of the consignment as a reference site fly in the search, return, and then will multiply indicators site.

By the way, when you see the amount that you owe for the removal of links, then you will understand that the reality is that you actually earn is not so much the amount, and obviously does not compensate for the loss of your site.

In addition, those wishing to place a link in Gogetlink Gudlinks systems and not so much so that in a year, a maximum of one and a half you will realize that you do not have anyone to send proposals even at the lowest price.

So if you want to quickly disrupt the money and you do not pity the site, then these systems fit perfectly, especially given that the system output money even during the holidays.

4 thoughts on “Gogetlinks: slow death Donar site

  1. Denim

    This is how we must also be unwise to simply post links and develop your same site? In my opinion, now every webmaster knows that to turn your website into the garbage — it is very unreasonable, that is why in parallel with the placement of links, the site is filled with content yet.
    And then no sanctions site will not get any.
    As for the ratings Gogetlinks Getgudlinks and then tell you a secret that the number of active SEOs there is increasing, and therefore the number of applications will also increase. Of course, if you run your site, rather than turn it into linkopomoyku.

    1. Realist Post author

      In fact, it is increasing the number of applications, but the money is not the same at all. When you develop your resource silly parallel links placed on it.

      A number of SEO is not equal to their quality, I had the fundamental selection criteria for SEO and who they would fit too small.

  2. Леха

    Go see a post from someone who does not understand the system, do not know the rules and philosophy of its work.

    1. Realist Post author

      It even knows. But talk about the philosophy here at all stupid. Their main philosophy is — to make money. A penny earnings there anyway. At least if you have an idea of what money is. In the context of the site earns more, and if we are talking about how to write, the more you get for writing articles.


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