God Mode (GodMode) for Windows 10

By | 10.12.2018

God Mode (GodMode) In Windows 10

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

God mode is a special mode that opens the user access to nearly all system settings. The latest to date version of Microsoft’s operating system the regime has inherited from the version-predecessors. In the version of the system 10, alas, nothing new in the arrangement of the God mode you will not see. However, as not have access to some parameters which cannot be obtained by working in any version of Windows without an administrator account. The essence GodMode is only in the concentration of all important system settings in one place in one directory.

How to activate God mode?

On the desktop create a new folder. This is done using the context menu.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

When creating assign a folder name like:


In this code instead of the word «name» (to a point) you can enter any name Reimbody, GodMode, etc. Part of code after the point you need to rest. Enter the folder name and press Enter.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

Folder icon turn into control panel icon. Clicking on this icon will access to virtually all system settings.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

That can give God mode?

God mode is nothing more than the convenience of access to system settings that are scattered in different places of the system. In the case of versions of Windows 8.1 and 10 seats with the system settings became more, now they are located not only in the main configuration section in control panel, but also in the Settings app.

Knowing the name of a partition with needed system settings, there is nothing easier than to quickly access them in the Windows control panel, in the same application Settings, use the system search or Run command. But this case access to the familiar settings of the system. God mode is also educational, showing the user the full potential of Windows settings in an ordered organization with sections and collected them into thematic functions.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

Inside the catalog you can search GodMode. System preferences can be searched by keyword, as provided in the control panel or the Settings app of Windows 10.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

Disadvantages of the mode of God

God mode – ambiguous feature of Windows. In some cases, it may be seen the instability of the system, and the reason for this – just the same active God. If mode is active when God began to experience problems with the system, it should be abandoned. Deactivate God mode is the usual delete its folder from the desktop.

Режим Бога (GodMode) Windows 10

If God mode was causing problems with the system after deleting the folder Windows has to be adjusted.

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