The main principle of creating a website: Quality

By | 07.04.2016

Once upon a time people believed that the meat on Friday will lead straight to hell, but today the border of faith greatly enhanced. The only thing that remains constant — quality site does find its audience. True representation of the quality of all different. If you dig into their own past — you are sure to find the story of how, as a child you were doing and the result is something! For you — something wonderful, but mom for some reason I was not thrilled with the pictures on the wall. You are perplexed and offended standing in the corner, planning to show all …

As time passed, those wallpaper were replaced not once, you have grown and managed to acquire their own children. And looking at their drawings touches you, but to see the children’s creativity on the wallpaper in the living room like unlikely. And it’s not, then you are against painting. Just you finally understood the difference between a child’s drawing and painting. Perhaps if your walls are painted a good artist, you would not have anything against it. That is, you understand the difference between good and touches.

The same applies to many things in our lives, but SEO is particularly pronounced.

Take for example the texts. I think that everyone has heard the story about the fact that Gogol burned the second volume of Dead Souls, Pushkin continued destroyed Eugene Onegin, and other, less well-known authors were dissatisfied with their creativity. But provincial nurse who wrote a couple of lines waiting for applause. That is, writing a few articles for the site it considers a quality site and perplexed when faced with criticism, or worse, receives a letter from a search engine where and it is written, «develop your website.» That is when a person does something, especially genuinely doing well, but not professionally, he naively thinks is doing something really good. But such cases — units. Sometimes the authors create a website oriented to Medvedev, Beloniku and other popular bloggers. But to copy the style of the rich and famous is meaningless. Blogs public people can be very different, but the main reason of the popularity of the author’s name, which has become famous even before the advent of blogging. Weekdays Ksenia Sobchak more interesting and it is your wish to learn about it are mere mortals. And it must be very talented mortals to write texts that will attract hundreds of readers. And to tell when it is necessary a lot and regularly. Believe me — your opus no one will have to wait for years, as the book of favorite author. We must do a lot of work to make the world aware of the Statement.

In other words, become the author of the popular blog, working on it in between unsuccessful novels or during the lunch break is not possible. Agree, it’s hard to imagine a surgeon who does surgery, but from time to time …

So the search engine submission site quality is very three-dimensional concept. It includes a good design, even without the bells and whistles, but without flying wretchedness. Moreover, the design should be adequate and unique theme.

To fill this need to design content, which would draw on a solid top five in the university, in an extreme case, a very good school with a humanitarian bias. And the content should be plenty. And it must occur regularly and not on major holidays. A holy place is never empty, and the Internet proves it constantly.

And while the search engine needs to see that the main purpose of the site — to cut the dough, especially when the site is just starting its way.

That is the main stable quality that are interested in the search engine. The remaining filters, algorithms and rules in search engines change regularly. Somewhere it occurs for the banal reason — employees should show the work of the authorities, sometimes the search engines want to show users what they are developing, sometimes it’s just a creative experiment, and it also happens that the only tablet. That is, in order to keep track of what the right to introduce a search engine — it is senseless. Especially in the end there are sites that violate all declared rules and stay in the top, and there are those who religiously observe them and fall into the furnace. Because many things in our life just a lottery. And to begin work on their website and expect that it will help you in an easy to gain popularity and become rich — is meaningless. I believe it should be, otherwise why, but that’s a good idea to at this objectively assess their capabilities.

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