Glasses Microsoft HoloLens will be released to developers in early 2016 at a price of 3000 dollars

By | 10.12.2018

Glasses Microsoft HoloLens will be released to developers in early 2016 at a price of $ 3,000

Очки Microsoft HoloLens будут выпущены для разработчиков в начале 2016 года по цене 3000 долларов

After a series of interesting rumors and information leaks yesterday Microsoft finally unveiled the new products, some of which brought the audience into raptures. The main figure of the press conference was Terry Myerson, head of Windows and Devices. The first few minutes of the presentation he gave to the success of Windows 10 – the latest version of the operating system, which debuted in late July. In particular, according to him, 110 million devices already running Windows 10.

Then the event continued with something familiar – the HoloLens. Augmented reality glasses from Microsoft apart from the competitors, as it successfully combines virtual reality with the real and physical environment.

Following a thrilling demonstration, the software giant announced something very important – the version of HoloLens developers will be available for purchase in the first quarter of next year. The price is more than impressive – $ 3,000. It is obvious that Microsoft wants to create a truly quality product, as each developer who wants to buy a HoloLens, you first have to go through the «interview» in order to ensure that the candidate can achieve the best result from working with virtual reality glasses. However, Microsoft did not mention what are the qualities of the developer, and did not say how many units HoloLens will be sold.

It should be noted that HoloLens does not need a connection either to PC or to the phone is something that can not boast of competing products. During the presentation, there were presented the game Project X Ray. It is a title that can be played in any room, the walls are part of the gameplay – there are aliens, which the player must destroy with weapons. Impressive is the fact that «bad» differentiate between furniture and use it for shelter.

Although the company is new to this category of devices (only when Microsoft is going to release HoloLens to developers, some others have already launched the sale of finished products), the software giant is positioning its product differently. Microsoft thinks about the future in which the real world connect with the virtual and not only will help people in many professional fields, but will provide a thrilling playing experience. Interesting product, but its development is just beginning.

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